Overdefending on Bloonarius Swamp

LOLLLLLL. This was a super fun video! I got very excited! I hope you enjoyed the sweet gameplay, I know I did! Thanks for watching! Subscribe to support me! ???? Here’s my Discord server: ? https://discord.gg/nkHZYnc I also have Twitter: ? https://twitter.com/alukianbtd Background Music: Music by Chillhop: http://chillhop.com/listen First song: Wun Two - Snowing [ https://soundcloud.com/wun-two ] Second song: Sleepless - Ponder [ https://soundcloud.com/sleeplessbeats ] Third song: J Dilla - Alien Family [ https://soundcloud.com/jdilla ] Fourth song: Vanilla - Gigi [ https://soundcloud.com/vanilla ] Fifth song: FloFilz - Dulce [ https://soundcloud.com/flofills ] Listen on Spotify: http://bit.ly/ChillhopSpotify ???? Outro Song: kirja100 - Run Away https://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/570799 As always, thank for you watching. ?

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