TROLLING With Spike Factory! Bloons TD Battles

TROLLING With Spike Factory! GOOD Spike Factory Strategies! | Bloons TD Battles! Today in Ceramic Crucible, we had to troll with using the Spike Factory! I show you guys some GOOD Spike Factory strategies as well! Let me know what you think! ??MY DISCORD SERVER: ??TWITTER: ??SNAPCHAT: Boltrix7 ??INSTAGRAM: ??FACEBOOK: ??STEAM: ??HAVE A CHANCE TO RECEIVE A SHOUTOUT FROM ME: At the end of each and everyone of my videos there will be a question I ask you guys. In order to receive the shoutout, you must get the question right, AND complete the following requirements (Also, IF multiple people get the correct answer, one person will be chosen at random to receive the shoutout): - Like the video - BE SUBSCRIBED - Have Post-Notifications turned ON BEST OF LUCK! ??FAQ: •How old are you? 18 •How do you record and edit your videos? Record with QuickTime Player (MAC app) and edit with iMovie. •Can I battle you on Bloons TD Battles? YES! Just add me on facebook/steam, mainly use Discord, and message me! I will try to reply as soon as possible! I also play viewers during my weekend live streams! •How do you make your thumbnails? With an app called PhotoScape X! If you want a tutorial, I could post one, however there are many on YouTube already! •Can we collab? Depends. I'm looking for people to collab with, however we must have around the same amount of subscribers and views in order for me to consider it. INTRO SONG: Music By NCS and TrippyPepper

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