BTD Battles - Battle of legends

Gaming Shaft plays some awesome boss arenas!

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  1. hope you make a BTD battles6

    11 days ago
  2. BTD battles you are the best, i have you on 7 devices, computers and phones mainly

    11 days ago
  3. got them rect

    14 days ago
  4. i love you btd battles

    15 days ago
  5. nice

    15 days ago
  6. bet the crap out of them

    19 days ago
  7. nope

    19 days ago
  8. hpli1

    Blue-wolves Nk_monkey 8

    pls add btd6 soon

    22 days ago
  9. i love the new badges they have but i can't get btd battles on pe :(

    24 days ago
  10. Shaft you succ

    26 days ago