Ouch CHIMPS Striker Jones

Full video clear of the hardest map in the hardest game mode of Bloons TD 6 using Striker Jones as a hero. Playing this level was brutal, especially getting the pixel perfect positions in the first rounds over and over and then figuring out a finishing strategy of my own. My strategy is unique straight from level 12, which drops an early sniper instead of a 6th Dart Monkey. I then develop 000 ninja THEN drop 6th Dart in a completely different spot (bottom left) which allows me to use a clean alchemist in the lower right of the center stage. Striker Jones' Level 3 ability (which stuns everything in a large radius) is the best ability in the game in my opinion and the hero overall is criminally underrated since he supports a generally weak tower and uses a level 10 ability that feels out of place. Even with that out of the way, his level 3 ability alone supporting a strong triple discount Sun Avatar build worked out amazingly. Everything from stunning the level 40 MOAB on top of the Ice Tower so it can freeze the ceramics for the 320 sniper to stunning the BFB as it breaks to ceramics and stunning grouped MOABs on 96 and 98 as well as stunning groups of BFBs on 95 and 99...Striker Jones put in more work than I usually get from other heroes other than Gwendolyn. The video had a lot of recording data and I lost round 52-54 which are probably the least important rounds (aside from 65-70). I just bought a plasma and upgraded alch to tier 4.

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