Btd Battles: #epiclategame

GoldRush goes for #epiclategame in BTD Battles

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  1. LOL!

    1 day ago
  2. lit

    7 days ago
  3. nice

    11 days ago
  4. uuuuuu nice! :)

    17 days ago
  5. Wait, I thought Tornado was one of the best tools against MOAB-Class and Regen (kappa)

    21 days ago
  6. M4r1o

    Night-jackal Btd5_bomb 8


    22 days ago
  7. Wiz can do ok in late game with Fire - not tornado - you need the fire to take down Air

    23 days ago
  8. 4/20 not in Arenas, and no Bloonjitsu Ninjas. Also, can anyone verify how OP Wizard is in late game with the Tornado upgrade?

    27 days ago