Muddy Puddles CHIMPS BEATEN!

Muddy Puddles CHIMPS, beaten with sub commander and call to arms. Written guide is in the comments if anyone wants it. I found a more efficient early game strat than what I've seen from others so I did my own thing after r10, but still, thanks to miuzaki, isab, frds, and dennis, because it was mostly based around things that I picked up from them. Took a lot of rng and micro to get through the first few rounds (mainly r18), but after r25 it got much simpler. I just had to make sure that I didn't overspend and had to be a little careful with ability timings in the 90s, but other than that it was a relatively easy run. Music: Arc North - Sweet Sunshine it's different & Helen - Tell Me Jason Poulin - Undertow (feat. Alley Parton)

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  1. awsome vid

    over 1 year ago