The Invisible Sandbox Bloon!

BTD6: Everything you need to know about the invisible sandbox bloon and how to pop it

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  1. hi hi hi hi hi hi hi

    9 days ago
  2. im just a random little person that had never got more han 3 likes on comments, dont mind me :)

    11 days ago
  3. Caleb5b

    Thunderbolts 5-btdheli 10


    12 days ago
  4. This help me 2. ALOT

    13 days ago
  5. cool

    13 days ago
  6. One trick I used was the Wall of Trees (Obyn Greenfoot only) to destroy it

    14 days ago
  7. welp thank you for vid it was sooooo hard to defeat but u helped meh.

    16 days ago