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  1. posted an update

    Two new lil vids uploaded to my channel. TK is getting closer to full launch! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9E5htXt9fdkR8Zq2tXiIPw

    2016-10-27 16:04:00 UTC
  2. posted an update

    Made a couple of short vids public on my YT Channel. There's no audio to these videos [and some more private ones I have], unfortunately since I muted the volume.. I can add music, though. Tell me if y'all prefer audio in the next videos. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC9E5htXt9fdkR8Zq2tXiIPw

    2016-10-25 17:59:09 UTC
  3. posted an update

    Slowly making my tower into a true fortress. YOU'LL SEE. YOU'LL ALL SEE.

    2016-10-23 18:44:55 UTC
  4. posted an update


    2016-10-20 00:49:52 UTC
  5. posted an update

    If you're a serious Tower Keepers player, and want to join an awesome clan then join [OhMy Guildness] =]

    2016-10-15 20:52:23 UTC
  6. posted an update

    Anyone here on the TK Guild "OhMy Guildness"? Sound off! =]

    2016-10-16 23:04:25 UTC
  7. posted an update

    I want to see your best NinjaKiwi meme, c'mon! https://imgflip.com/i/1cepbb

    2016-10-15 21:29:42 UTC
  8. posted an update

    It's been almost a year ever since I was on NK.

    2016-10-14 02:38:29 UTC
  9. posted an update

    BSM2 Mobile now officially delayed by a couple of weeks. Ah, well now they have more time to polish the game.

    2016-10-14 14:37:59 UTC
  10. posted an update

    Here's an intro to the Release Build of Tower Keepers! https://youtu.be/OKrHtCXE0w0

    2016-10-11 18:44:49 UTC
  11. posted an update

    Updated bio, ayy...

    2016-10-11 17:51:02 UTC
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