Flash End of Life

Ninja Kiwi flash games will stop working on January 11th 2021. For more information please see our Flash End of Life article
As of the 13th of December 2020, you will be unable to purchase any additional NK coins. For any issues with this please contact our support team at support@ninjakiwi.com
UPDATE: We've been experimenting with a plugin called SuperNova (which you will be prompted to install upon attempting to load a game) and this has enabled some games to load, but the loading of progress is currently not available. We continue to look into additional avenues to keep the games running.

-18 1i 18 1i,-e 2q -v 3n,19 1g 1r 21 2e 2q 32 3n 3o 4k 4l 5i 5p 6b 75 71 8m 7j ad 81 c7 87 e4 83 g3 7r i2 7d k2 6r m2 66 o3 5g q5 4p rn 48 t9 3n us 38 10h 2s 126 2i 13s 2a 15i 24 178 1v 18v 1q 1al 1n 1cb 1k 1e2 1i 1fo 1g 1he 1f 1j5 1d 1kr 1d 1mg 1h 1o5 1p 1pp 22 1rd 2e

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