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    Unrelated to Ninja Kiwi but I got my own goofy little chill out discord group if anyone feels like lurking or whatnot.

    2018-03-20 21:05:44 UTC
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    SAS4 Skills Experiment Update:

    Another done in a reasonably short time period - I'm really getting into it atm.

    I have finished with the A-team, and this is my review:

    Assault Team: Upon the activation of this skill, you are accompanied by 3-4 NPC allies who will automatically target the nearest 'threat' (zombies, zombie turrets, attacking NPCs) and shoot rapidly at it. For every point you add into this skill, the longer the A-team stay active, the more HP they have, and the more damage their guns inflict. Each time the A-team is spawned, each memeber will spawn with a random standard HVM gun, excluding the 001 pistol. Most often the A-team members can be used as body shields as they constantly move around your character even when you're standing still. After putting in 20 points into the skill, you get an additional 1 team member giving you 4 bodygaurds. At level 25, the team members have 19,500 HP, last for just over a minute and have their gun damage increased to 490% - which is the equivilent to 5 times base stat damage. The A-team is mostly good for human shields, small groups of zombies and normal bosses, however there are many downsides to the A-team.
    These include the thought that although they are computer controlled, you would think that they are smart, but unfortunately they are actually pretty dumb and often run into enemies getting themseleves killled quickly, not catching up and getting stuck behind doors only you can open/activate, and they have a brute strength buff making them an annoyance when they pin you between zombies and crates. Like the modified Zeus Exclusion Zone turret, the A-team targeting systems are exactly the same in where all team members will target the same threats instead of targeting all threats in the vicinity.
    During the period of 2015, the A-team recieved many adjustments, the main being the strength of each team member being drastically reduced rendering them very weak against strong enemies. Multiple A-teams can be activated together, but they are much weaker and less effective in high level multiplayer, apocalypse and nightmare game modes as of the end of 2015. Due to how inaffective the A-team has become, it is either strongly recommended to not use this skill at all, or if there is an intent, put many points in, as a few won't help at all. If your character is to not play any of the game modes listed above, then the A-team is a resonable skill to have as a backup.
    Low-Mid Skill Level Rating: 3/10 – High Level Skill Rating: 7/10 – Overall Rating 4/10.

    Yeah, not really as good as they once were...
    Don't forget, this is my opinion, not criticism please.

    2018-03-23 10:47:30 UTC
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