Some random that just plays CS. Add me if you want at: http://steamcommunity.com/id/kingserpirivy

  • 35 Current Level Lord of Shadows Level 35
  • Awesome 9830 This Week 0 Next Level 1270
  • The-watchers Clan The Watchers
  • Marks of Awesome 2
  • Marks of Honor 48
  1. Marks of Honor

    PTpirahna ranked number 34 last week for most Awesome earned in their clan. They have been awarded 3 Marks of Honor.

    2021-08-16 01:15:33 UTC
  2. Marks of Honor

    PTpirahna helped Blue Wolves become the third most awesome clan for last week! For their contribution to the cause they have been awarded 1 Mark of Honor!

    2021-08-16 01:15:21 UTC
  3. Achievement Unlocked!

    PTpirahna earned the Spooky Castle Silver Achievement in Bloons TD 5

    2021-08-11 02:14:30 UTC
  4. Achievement Unlocked!

    PTpirahna earned the ZOMGinator Achievement in Bloons Monkey City

    2021-08-10 04:45:45 UTC
  5. posted an update

    sorry for no posts. i was a bad boy and got in trouble. anyways, my general update is that I'm waiting for things to click

    2021-06-23 22:38:33 UTC
  6. Marks of Honor

    Carmelacg25 ranked number 107 last week for most Awesome earned in their clan. They have been awarded 2 Marks of Honor.

    2021-03-15 01:17:42 UTC
  7. posted an update

    listening to slashcore. your girl suck me hardcore

    2021-03-08 18:04:08 UTC
  8. Achievement Unlocked!

    Carmelacg25 earned the Contestant Achievement in Bloons Monkey City

    2021-03-08 17:12:40 UTC
  9. posted an update

    black on black skin contact

    2021-03-03 16:18:14 UTC
  10. posted an update

    subscribe to my only bloons

    2021-02-11 21:33:43 UTC
  11. posted an update

    shoutout when st patricks day used to be about f#cking drunk hos, now its about like, morals, or something

    2021-02-16 18:54:11 UTC
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