(Jaw drops to the floor. Eyes pop out. Sound effect of, "AWOOOOGA AWOOOOGA!!!!" Places eyes and jaw back in place. Regains composure.) ... Eh hem, you look quite lovely.

  • 16 Current Level Kiwi Disciple Level 16
  • Awesome 1885 This Week 0 Next Level 15
  • Falcons Clan Falcons
  • Marks of Honor 1
  1. posted an update

    Where's Tower Keepers? It's been almost a month since the Site was changed and the developers do NOTHING, nor does it even create a Download with the account linked to the Site to those who still want to play this game

    2021-03-28 10:56:32 UTC
  2. posted an update

    R.I.P. Ninja Kiwi Games, saving only Tower Keepers

    2021-01-25 13:23:54 UTC
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