Cool kid 38

Officially the coolest kid on NK (kidding guys) I love to play SAS4, BMC and BTD5 I'm also a huge Nintendo fan :D Feel free to pm me SAS 4, BTD5 co-op requests and i'll join u also I friend any follower. My 3DS Friend Code: 1950-7654-4434 PM me yours if you have one :D

  • 40 Current Level Disciple of Sun Level 40
  • Awesome 19325 This Week 0 Next Level 1175
  • Thunderbolts Clan Thunderbolts
  • Marks of Awesome 2
  • Marks of Honor 141
  1. Woukit

    The-scorpions 22-meganthefox 36
    Achievement Unlocked!

    Woukit earned the Complete Wave 10 Achievement in Battle Blocks Defense

    2018-01-17 14:47:48 UTC
  2. ZX840

    The-scorpions Btd5_glue 44
    posted an update

    Something is wrong here, spot the difference

    2018-01-16 22:02:36 UTC
  3. posted an update

    the earth weights 187 lbs

    2018-01-17 21:20:06 UTC
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