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  1. alexboy

    Dark-matter 30-robomonkey 33
    Achievement Unlocked!

    alexboy earned the Hard Baked Achievement in Bloons Monkey City

    2020-06-19 06:02:53 UTC
  2. alexboy

    Dark-matter 30-robomonkey 33
    Level Up!

    alexboy just got more awesomer and has reached Level 33!

    2020-06-11 01:22:19 UTC
  3. alexboy

    Dark-matter 30-robomonkey 33
    Achievement Unlocked!

    alexboy earned the Impoppable Achievement in Bloons Monkey City

    2020-06-11 01:22:19 UTC
  4. posted an update

    I feel bad for all those Tower Keepers players who are wasting stuff on boosting Korgan, the Bandit Lord boss... He's extremely fragile and not even good at all.

    2018-06-22 02:29:59 UTC
  5. posted an update


    2018-06-09 02:29:33 UTC
  6. posted an update

    When I first played co-op, I thought I was a bad player because I had a lot of difficulty with Alpine Lake, a "Beginner" map.

    Later on, I realized that the map difficulty was really inaccurate.

    2018-06-06 23:39:54 UTC
  7. posted an update

    This sounds so much like the Grasslands music in BMC...


    2018-05-21 00:57:25 UTC
  8. posted an update


    2018-05-14 01:12:53 UTC
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