Ninja Kiwi Limited - Red Reign Privacy Policy

Updated September 16, 2019

Ninja Kiwi is committed to making our games both fun and safe to use, and we are committed to international best practices regarding the collection and minimal use of both anonymous and personally identifiable information (PII), in ways that are fully compliant with international standards such as GDPR, COPPA, and the California Consumer Privacy Act. In general, our approach is to only collect anonymous data wherever possible and use as little PII as is necessary to provide the best games and services, and then only to use PII to make those games and services better, mainly through having an email address for communications with our support team.

Our Privacy Policy for the game Red Reign is extremely streamlined, kid-safe, and PII-safe, because Red Reign does not use, store, or transmit any personal information whatsoever. Red Reign contains no Ninja Kiwi or 3rd party login functions, no chat functions, and no 3rd party or other systems that allow the player to transmit to Ninja Kiwi or for Ninja Kiwi to store any personally identifiable information. Beyond that, there are no analytics, advertising, or any other first or third party data systems that collect, transmit, or store any player behavior or advertising identifiers. Red Reign does contain multiplayer play and achievements, which are conducted entirely via Apple’s GameKit and Game Center systems, as covered by Apple’s privacy policy. Any access to non-identifiable information via GameKit and Game Center occurs in the legitimate interests of providing multiplayer play and achievements and in order to provide support for the internal operations of the multiplayer play and achievements. It is important to Ninja Kiwi that parents and guardians understand that there are no parental consent prompts for Red Reign because no personal information is used, stored, or transmitted in Red Reign.

If players contact Ninja Kiwi support via for an issue with Red Reign, we do record the email so that we can reply to the support ticket when resolved. If players contact us for support through their Ninja Kiwi logins from other games at, we do record the email, browser, and player id so that we can reply to the support ticket when resolved, in context with the player’s account history. For any Red Reign support tickets, any and all player information (email, browser information, and/or player id) is deleted once the ticket is closed.

Feel free to contact us about any questions regarding Ninja Kiwi, Red Reign, or our policies at

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