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169 SAS 4 General info + tips to improve your gameplay (reduce lag), + Multiplayer Etiquette
16 June 2014 06:13 AM
This is a list of information about zombies, turrets, weapons, armor, FAQs and so on.

Please look through this before making a post to ask about something SAS 4 related, as you may find the answer here.

Also consider asking for info to be added here, if you want to know something not yet covered, as it will then be able to help more players find the answer to your question. And please dont spam in the comments, or make random complaints.

Multiplayer Etiquette
Thanks to Kurt Clothier for making this. PLEASE READ IT.

And thanks to Emerald Darkness for making a guide to using the SAS 4 chat function sensibly and politely:

Tips on building your character
I made a really long post with details on how to get the most from your character, it is only my opinion, but it is based on both my experience and the experience of others, so you might get some good ideas from it. Feel free to skip to the section that relates to your preferred class because as I said it is really long.

List of known guns and armor in SAS 4 (with pictures + details):

Table of augment bonuses:
Weapon augments:

Armor augments:

Tables copied from the archive forums
All credit goes to the guys who compiled the info there.

Speedrun records for single/multiplayer games

New Mode: Nightmare

Nightmare is a very difficult mode, with buffed zombies capable of killing most players in a couple of hits. It is unlocked at level 35, and is exclusively a multiplayer mode. Good team-work is almost essential to win in this mode.

Each character gets 5 free tickets per day. 1 ticket is used every time you enter a nightmare game, and when you have used all 5 tickets, you will have to either wait until the next day, or buy more tickets with NK coins before that character can play another nightmare game.

Maps in Nightmare are similar to in regular mode, however there are pod eggs spread across the maps, and there are more spawn points for zombies.

Some zombies become "nightmarish", which gives them fiery skin, poisoned limbs, extra fast, and berserk properties. These can kill players extremely fast.

All bosses become "nightmarish", however the only change here is that they become healthier, harder hitting, and bigger.

Boss types:
All bosses have a regular version and a savage version. Savage bosses are mostly the same as regular bosses, except they do a LOT more damage, and have a lot more health. They only appear when you have reached a high level, or in multiplayer where there are several medium-high level players.

Zombdroid Servant:
Same size as regular zombies, much weaker and less damaging than other bosses.

Zombdroid Soldier:
Shoots you with dual automatic guns from a distance. Moving around rapidly can disrupt their target lock on you. Will do melee damage at close range.

Large, headless, and vomits puke worms, which are larger than regular worms (e.g. from bloaters). A nuisance to some, puke worms are easily nullified with CQC Enhanced armor augment, or bad blood (medic skill). Avoid the pool of vomit left by regurgitators, it also does damage similar to acid pools. Savage regurgitators can appear in single player mode after level 68 is reached.

Hurls fireballs, these can kill players with low health very fast. Resistant to flame weapons (ex: RIA T7, otherwise good, useless against wickers), use physical, chemical or electric weapons to kill it. Releases a 360 degree fireball attack when killed, this can be avoided but is also very damaging, thus the final shots used to kill a wicker should be fired from as far away as possible. Savage wickers can appear in single player mode after level 83 is reached.

Zombie Mech:
Robot that shoots with machine guns. As you level up it gains missiles, then seeking missiles, then flamethrowers. Flamethrowers can cause a lot of lag.
Low level mechs can be confused by running around them in circles while shooting from behind. Seeking missiles are best avoided by moving a little to the side, then forward in the opposite direction to the missile. The mech now has a pulse attack that pushes you away from it upon contact.

Larger than wickers/regurgitators the devastator has both a punch attack, and ground-pounding area attack which does massive damage to anything standing nearby. Has no specific resistance. Enters a "rage mode" when near death, it now moves faster and has more resistance to everything. Run away from it if you want to live, turning back and shooting only when at a safe distance. Speed is essential when facing the devastator.

Found on Power Out map, the loaderbot can kill you in a couple of hits. Low health players will be instantly killed if hit by this. Quite fast, it is necessary to move quickly (away from it) to kill this. In later levels there will be many loaderbots in the room.

The necrosis is the "ultimate boss" however with appropriate strategy it is killed easily. Is partially energy resistant, and has both an area attack and a melee attack. The area attack is comprised of fireballs, acid blobs, and shurikens (ninja star shaped metal things, these do physical damage), these shoot out in all directions, but can easily be avoided. However the acid blobs form acid pools where they land, and the shurikens can ricochet off walls, cars, and barrels. Avoid them. When you level up enough or enter a multiplayer game with higher level players, the necrosis will evolve to shoot out more projectiles.

Necrosis Spawns:
There are 3, these emerge when a necrosis is killed. The blue one is resistant to physical damage, and can teleport next to a player. Does physical damage to players. Kill it as a priority, use a chemical, fire or electric weapon if possible, physical weapons suck at killing it, giving it more time to kill you.

The orange one leaves a fire trail that will instantly kill most players on contact. Avoid this. It is 100% resistant to fire damage.
Does flame damage to player on contact.

The green one is 100% resistant to chemical damage, and spits acid at you. Does toxic damage to player on contact.

Boss Egg:
Not really a boss as such, it is the main pod in the last room of the mission Zombie Pods. When shot at or approached closely, it unleashes a devastating spike attack that can severely damage players. The spikes can be avoided, however it is much more effective to stay near the edges of the room, shoot the minion eggs (the 4 smaller pods around the boss egg), then the boss egg will open automatically (it opens on a timer if not shot at) sometime while you are killing the minion eggs, and the spike attack will be avoided completely. However if you do not manage to avoid activating the egg (the smart strategy), be aware that the frequency and power of the spike attack increases significantly as the egg's health decreases. The closer you are to the centre of the spikes, the more damage you will sustain, to the point that they can instantly kill you.

HVM Mercenaries:

The only boss that is not a zombie, the HVM Mercenaries are non-player characters who appear on the Ice Station map. The number of HVM mercenaries depends on player level. There is always one HVM Captain, who carries a pistol, while the other HVM men carry random HVM guns, similar to the Assault Team (assault class skill).

HVM Mercenaries first aid you in killing zombies, then they will attack you, under orders to eliminate witnesses. However they have low health and do not attack very strongly. Moving quickly while shooting will defeat them easily, however more resistant players can just stand still and shoot them all without taking much damage. HVM Mercenaries are immune to Zombie Antidote (medic class skill).

Secret Rooms:
There are many secret rooms in SAS 4 that contain loot, if you want to know about them there is a thread about that here:

Squideer gives a full list of secret rooms on pg 2 of that thread.

New Secret Room on Meltdown: Guide to finding it

Thanks to Sdentin for creating this comprehensive guide.

Use one ability on right-click (instead of pressing the number on your keyboard)
Imagine how easy it would be to use close quarters combat (assault class) or biocleanse bomb (medic class) with only a right click. Well now you don't have to imagine, because Rohan Sharpe Anforth made an extremely handy post explaining how to do just that. There is a download link on his post, use that (its safe :) and then run the script as per his instructions.


Lag tips:

SAS 4 is laggy. Single player is fine if you have a good computer, multiplayer is potentially much laggier however. There are two low quality settings, one in the game menu, the other in Flash Player's right click menu. Which NK blocked just to be annoying (dont mean to offend, but it IS annoying). But you can still use it with the following method:

While loading SAS 4, just as the intro screen plays the animation of a bird (a Ninja Kiwi) jumping around and popping a balloon (bloon), right click and choose "settings" from the menu that appears. It is CRUCIAL to do the right clicking at this stage, or you will not be able to at all (right clicking the loaded game does nothing)

Now that you have a "settings" window in the middle of the game, wait for the animation to finish and SAS 4 to appear behind it, then right click on the game and choose "quality" then "low".

You will have to do this each time you load. This method looks better than choosing "low quality" in-game.

Video showing how to do that:
Credit to Rohan Sharpe Anforth for making a video of how to do that, (something I was clearly too lazy to do :P)

Also restarting your computer and loading the game again can help a lot IF the game has been running for some hours and is lagging more than it does when you first start playing. I find this mostly helps in multiplayer.

This is explained more in the following video by TheWhopperTinger:

Try playing the .swf file

An SWF file is an independently usable game file that can be played in its own separate window, without the surrounding frame, page backgrounds, and adverts. The game can also be played in full screen by directly loading the SWF file, however the increased size may be counterproductive if you are lagging due to your computer being slower at processing the game.

It is possible to play the .swf file directly by getting the URL from the page source (open SAS 4, right click on the page, outside the game window, and click "view source" Then look for a URL that contains "sas 4" and ends with ".swf"). The link is not given here directly, as per admin request, for unspecified reasons.

This can help performance by cutting out extra stuff that might be happening on the NK website age that hosts SAS 4.

If you need help with lag beyond what is outlined in the above section of this post, you may use this thread to discuss relevant issues:

Questions and answers:
Ask questions in the comments, and they shall be answered :)

Q: What is SAS4?
A: SAS4 is game where you shoot zombies. It is a sequel to SAS3 which has updated graphics, new weapons and more zombies.

Q: Why cant I load sas 4?
A: We don't know unless you specify the problem. Try reloading, or try a different browser or computer.

Q: How many classes are there?
A: There are three: Assault, Medic and Heavy.

Q: What are strongboxes?
A: Strongboxes are metal boxes that have certain objects in them, like guns and armor.

Q: How many types of strongboxes are there?
A: From lowest to highest, there are steel, titanium, molybdenum, iridium, neodymium, promethium, thulium, nantonium, and black.

Q: How do augments work?
A: Augments are purchasable buffs to your weapons/armor. Guns can have up to 3 augment slots, armor can have up to 2 slots. Each augment has 10 levels, each level increases the effect of the augment, and is more expensive than the last.

How many augments and the maximum level these augments can be upgraded to depends on the quality of the gear. A perfect weapon for example will have 3 empty slots, all fully upgradeable. However these are quite rare. Once an augment is bought, it cannot be replaced by another, and not all augments are available on all items (e.g tenacious can only be bought on weapons with a damage over time effect).

Q: How many levels are there in SAS4?
A: There are 100.

Q: What are skills?
A: Skills are power-ups for your character that boost their power when entering a mission. Each class has 12 base skills and 7 class-specific skills. A maximum of 25 skill points (which are earned every time you level up) can be added to any single skill.

Q: why cant i buy some types of turret?
A: Those are special turrets, you can only get them by collecting them from turret crates in-game.

Q: Which Gun/Armor/Loadout should I use?
A: There's a thread for that:

Q: What is a [red] gun or armor piece?
A: [RED] guns do about double the damage (and sometimes increased pierce) of regular versions of that gun, while [RED] armor has significantly higher armor values. Ammo for [RED] guns is 10 times more expensive.

Q: What are black guns/armor/strongboxes?
A: Black guns and armor are found exclusively within black strongboxes. Black guns do about 1.5x the damage of red guns, and black armor has massively increased armor values. Black strongboxes can be collected from single player, multiplayer and nightmare games.

Black keys are required to open black boxes, these have a 5% chance of being found in nantonium boxes in Nightmare mode.

Q: What are Elite Augment Cores?
A: They are extremely valuable items that can remove pre-augments, increase grade (up to 12), or increase number of slots (max 4 for guns, 3 for armor). They can also be used to increase the base stats of an item by 5% per core used, this is capped at 50% (10 cores). Augment Cores are excessively difficult to find due to the chance factor involved. If you get one, be very selective in what it is used for. In my opinion, augment cores should only be used on powerful red or black items.

Q: should I use in-game power ups?
A: if you can do without them, NO. They will eat all your cash. Alternately if you have mountains of money and nothing better to buy, go have a powerups party. Some players may find Tank/Killing Machine important to help them win in Nightmare.

Q: What about High Roller:
A: The usefulness of High Roller varies based on factors such as how good your guns are and how much spare cash you have. If you have poor guns and armor then High Roller can give you a good chance of getting a box with something valuable in it, if you have a very good gun already there may be little to gain from High Roller until you level up enough to need a more powerful gun.

High Roller in Nightmare is more expensive than HR in regular SP/MP, but Nightmare is a better place to buy HR as the potential for high tier box drops is much greater. However you can still get plenty of high level boxes without High Roller, so people who are low on cash, or are saving it to augment items (to use or to get augment XP rewards) are advised to save their cash and avoid buying HR.

Q: How much extra damage is done by High Damage Ammo?
A: HDA does 25% extra damage, this is boosted up to a max of 50% extra by the High Damage Ammo mastery

Q: How do I get my daily reward?
A: Daily rewards are given to your character automatically after your first win of the day. You can also get a daily reward for each character by playing a game with each one of them.

Q: How does Damage over Time work?
A: It does exactly what it says, which is to remove the labelled amount of damage over the labelled amount of time. This damage is calculated per hit, and it stacks, meaning that say 4 shots will remove the same amount of HP from the target whether they are fired all at once or fired once every 3 seconds.

Note that the display of DoT from Tenacious augment is bugged. Base DoT is shown as x hp/sec for x seconds, however DoT from tenacious augment actually shows the full DoT, not the DoT per second that its label suggests.

Those are just questions I have seen asked before, feel free to ask other questions, or add more information/inform me of any errors in the comments section.

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  1. Ishan

    Blue-wolves 43-sas-detail 43
    Ishan 16 Jun 2014 06:24 AM Just a quick question but isn't the wicker resistant to electric weapons as well? (only asking because the resist thing popped up when I shot it with a shockfield)
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  3. LordofKaon 16 Jun 2014 08:17 AM @Ishan1234: I think all bosses have a partial resistance to everything, ive seen the same using a mixmaster on a devastator. But I dont think the wicker is specifically electric resistant.

    @philcrum: im currently unable to view any images hosted on like the ones from that gun list :( so I cant go look whats going on there myself, but assuming that needs fixing, there's nothing I can do because its not my thread. You would have to talk to Demogorgon about that. Because I cant pm him either.
  4. KillerEX 16 Jun 2014 11:45 AM Something for you to add / tweak:

    1. The Necrosis itself have high energy resistance.
    2. Zombie Mech isn't resisting to toxic damage or antidote. I have once killed one of them with antidotes only.
    3. Savage bosses can appear at a much lower level in Single Player than in Multi Player mode. I think it is double level requirement on MP, but this value had yet to be confirmed.
    4. You probably should have linked Rohan's video for the low quality trick here as well in case people don't understand.
    5. Red guns don't necessarily double the damage deal by the gun, instead it only offers a significant boost.
    6. Some Q&A for you to add:

    Q: What does Premium ammo do?
    A: It offered a damage boost to the ammo. I believed the boost is 25% but you better wait for others to confirm as I am not completely sure about it.

    Q: Which mission is the best for grinding XP / Boxes?
    A: Pods for boxes, VIP for XP. Pretty obvious.

    Anyway, excellent guide. Look forward for this guide to improve, and PM me after you added / changed the contents on the OP so I can delete this wall of text and make the whole post shorter.
  5. LordofKaon 16 Jun 2014 01:03 PM 1: I just killed a necrosis with a mixmaster (energy) and CM505 (physical) The time taken was similar, thus I dont think the necrosis resists energy any more than it resists anything else.

    2: My bad, I had tried that, and zombie antidote didnt seem to do anything much to the mech, while it did big damage to regurgitators and wickers.
    But i was able (eventually) to kill a mech with only antidote, so I guess the mech just has a lot more health. Surprising that it should take so long though, considering how quickly the stripper kills them.

    3: I have no idea about that, I assume that the combined level of players needed for a savage boss to appear MAY be greater than the single player level needed for the corresponding type of savage boss to appear, but I'm not adding an assumptions. I'll wait till more is known.

    4: ok. I was a bit suspicious of that coming out just a few days after I gave the explanation of that in a post, but whatever, ill put the link there, since its probably easier to follow visually. And besides, Rohan was probably smart enough to figure that out himself anyway :) (maybe he did)

    5: The HIKS S300 is definitely an exception, and (to a lesser extent) so is the gigavolt, but generally it is double. I will clarify that.

    6: Whoops, forgot about the HD Ammo, should have put that in. And yeah, i thought it was 25% more, but i dunno where it said that.

    Best map for boxes/XP is too subjective, I have seen different opinions, and I am not going to include that here. Not saying you are wrong, I mostly agree with what you said. But this is thread is only for facts (to the best of my knowledge-always happy to correct any mistakes), not player preference, so due to various factors I am too tired to bother explaining now (been at the computer for the last 12 hours :/ ), the most efficient map is too variable to write about here with any authoritativeness.

    7: I cant PM you, because we are not friends on NK. (yet anyway :)

    8: Thanks for helping me make my info thread better :)
  6. KillerEX 16 Jun 2014 01:49 PM @LordofKaon

    <strong>1: </strong>Well... guess it is changed then. Sorry for my data being wrong since I didn't conduct any tests lately.

    <strong>3: </strong>We will see. I am looking forward for accurate answers anyway.

    <strong>4: </strong>Well I actually found that long time ago, in late February where the game is still a secret for most people. Won't be surprised if he got it even earlier.

    <strong>5: </strong>Well there's actually more, here's 10 of them to prove that actually the majority are not double (well don't quote me on that, I may be wrong):
    - HVM 002
    - HVM 004
    - HVM 005 G-class
    - HVM 008
    - Phantom
    - Raptor
    - Sabre
    - Hornet (TBC)
    - RIA 7
    - RIA 20 DSC

    <strong>6: </strong>Yes I recognize these data, especially the strongbox one being too subjective but if really a lot of people asked this can be used as a preference for them.

    <strong>7: </strong>I have heard that after a recent update on this site you can send PMs to non-friends. But not feel like testing this as it is unnecessary to send PMs for such small matters.

    <strong>8: </strong>Well... I will also suggest adding more formatting to the OP since it is nothing but a wall of text now. Maybe adding some horizontal lines between each parts (Using ~20 '='s to space between each topics) will help.

    Good luck on improving this thread. :)
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  8. LikeALol 16 Jun 2014 03:02 PM Firstly your welcome (as a reply to your message lol. Secondly this is a very nice guide. You might want to add in that HDA is currently bugged though.
  9. Alucard_0 16 Jun 2014 03:13 PM very good information
  10. Patrick18200 16 Jun 2014 03:27 PM Actually it is fact that Pods is best for boxes and VIP for exp. It really doesn't take much testing to figure that out. Although people may say pods isn't the best for boxes because they take 5 minutes on the mission when they could take 2 minutes.

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