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  1. wizardryuk 11 Jan 2016 11:31 PM @LTSchorsch
    Wow. You sure that 2nd picture is percent? You could be playing on any old map lol :P

    Only thing I would put up with that much lag for is Bloonarius. Overclocked 4,4,4,4,5 temples with the occasional CTA when it runs out to allow time to overclock them again was enough (though my MK is 12-14 on each). I did this one in about an hour with fast forward on the whole time.

    My setup:

    I'm sure the snipers/spactories weren't even necessary.

    I am curious though. At 117, with the overclocked/CTA'd AC's, what was the furthest anything got?
  2. LTSchorsch 12 Jan 2016 05:07 PM With my setup, something like round 112 - 115 is possible without activating abilities or using monkey boost. The last rounds, I just used it to see how far I can get. I think a lot more is possible, but the lag kills your motivation to find out. So I finally made round 118 and stopped.

    But the carriers and snipers work fine for "autoplay" till round 110+ or something.
  3. SeniorSSS 13 Jan 2016 01:18 PM It was close as i imagine it, very intresting map, i like it. And barely but made it in second atempt.
    Lag from Carriers (@LTSchorsch thanks for idea) are good but not so bad as i thought it will be.
    One of my problems was bad micro. After 100 round i let it non-stop without abilities and it didn't last even one round :)

  4. LTSchorsch 13 Jan 2016 06:51 PM view
    SeniorSSS wrote:After 100 round i let it non-stop without abilities and it didn't last even one round :)

    I think the difference between our setups is, that Spiked Mines are stronger than MOAB-Shredr Spikes, I had an additional Technological Terror and the placing of my Temple in the Up-Right corner gave me the option to place Snipers on the left side of the Up-Right Isle. That is not stronger in total, but it is stronger if you don't use any abilities.

    And maybe monkey knowledge rank 15 in bloon sabotage helps a bit...
  5. SeniorSSS 13 Jan 2016 09:19 PM @LTSchorsch I had one extra Village support and had sacrificed to both little islands Temples Villages 3/1. Theoretically it works (even if i didn't saw difference in shooting range i still hope it matters) and could at least compensate yours TT if not over power. One thing that could be wrong is mine shooting priority for Temples. I put all mine to First. Mine MK Sabotage is 8 which is not great but not so low too. Anyway, most important - job is done and time to look into next week event.
    I really hate next week map which means that it will be fun too. :)
  6. LTSchorsch 14 Jan 2016 12:35 AM view
    SeniorSSS wrote:I really hate next week map which means that it will be fun too. :)

    How do you all know the next weeks map? Are there informations on the archives?

    And why "jobs done"? This week is occupation event and I have to play the map over and over again.
  7. wizardryuk 14 Jan 2016 01:08 AM @LTSchorsch
    I am not sure why or how but this weeks and next weeks CT maps are always shown here:
  8. SeniorSSS 14 Jan 2016 08:05 AM @LTSchorsch I have Temples for about 7 weeks so i consider that my job is done when i reach 100 round no matter what event is on and, surprisingly, even for Tier 8 it's usually is more than enough for occupation event too.

    That link for next week maps should be in "Bloons Monkey City FAQ/Useful Links" first topic but it isn't.
    Interesting is there some unknown hero who have access for that info and make it available for the rest of us or it's some grand masters duty (something like BTD5 missions) to decide which maps will be next and then it's been "told" to NK? Probably we'll never know...
  9. Lifedrainer 14 Jan 2016 09:33 AM It's a whole lot easier than that. All the ct maps are going around in one big cycle. This means you can easily calculate what map will come next if you look at the ct history.
  10. SeniorSSS 14 Jan 2016 09:59 AM @Lifedrainer Is there some list of CT history available?

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