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  1. Everybo-D 15 Oct 2015 04:38 AM view
    plantsvszombiefan666 wrote:oh yeah if you where a bloon your this
    name: danTDM12

    spawns: nothin

    speed: 0

    hits to destroy: 1

    special propeties: you just stand there

    Bruh you just made him the most annoying bloon to face. Because of that 0 speed stat, it won't get out of that invincible spawn zone that most tracks in BTD5/BTDB/BMC has. If he spawned, the round would never end cause he would stay in the spawn, and the towers won't see him.

    This is why I didn't want to stay.
    I saw all the rage coming a mile away.

    You think you solved the problem PvZfan?
    You just made it worse. Auto ban.
    That stupid ranting can leave a scar.
    Its people like you who push depression too far.
    If that's your two cents go keep it in your jar.

    Dan ma boi when people complain,
    They may be right they're not always insane.
    We all just wanted a nice and fair game.
    But you thought you win and always thought the same.

    I dare you to take my message to heart or nowhere.
    Its cheesy how through rap I declare
    that this thread is full of despair.

    I don't care that you can't bear the lair of fair,
    We should all step down, our rhymes are experiencing wear and tear.

    But we have each become our worst nightmare.

    Ok bye.
  2. chocolatepanda Moderator 16 Oct 2015 02:37 PM Locking this thread after trying to clean it up a bit. This is only fun when it is a game where everyone is adding to a fake battle between celebrities. When it gets personal and people are flaming it is time to end it.

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