News 07 Apr 2017

Hello to all of you out there! Welcome to the blog post for April 7, 2017. No new releases this week so we'll get right to it!


Stuff Happening In Games:

Tower Keepers: Double Gold and Kensai skins for sale. Golden Horde finishing on Sunday, making way for an Easter event.

BTD Battles: Friday BFBs with Random Trios, Saturday MOABs with Random Cards on Cards Club, and BFB on Sunday.

SAS4 Web: LMS on Friday, VS on Saturday with Bounties for Black Key and Box. Apocalypse on Sunday with Bounties for Revive and Nightmare Tickets. Ricochet, CM 352 and CM 467 for sale.

SAS4 Mobile: VS on Friday, LMS on Saturday and Apocalypse on Sunday with Black Box rewards. Sales for Epic Packs, Nantoniums and A8, Laser Drill and Super Alpha LE.

BMC Web and Mobile: Daily Monkey Teams with MKP rewards. MKP for sale. 2 week Easter Collectible event on mobile.

BTD5 Mobile: 2 week Easter Event. Green and Yellow pops counting for the leader boards.

Easter Events on Monday:

Battles mobile: Yellow Spring Meadows and White Chocolate Box rooms giving 50% extra medallion rewards.

SAS4 web: Easter guns and Egg Hunt replacing Virus Samples


NK Meme Competition number 3 or so:

This week's competition is for memes! Create an NK related meme and upload it to an image hosting site, post the image in a comment below and cross your fingers for a...

Mystery Prize for a Game Of Your Choice

Please pick from the following:
BTD5, BMC, SAS4 web
Battles, BMC, SAS4, Tower Keepers mobile

Include your mobile User ID if you're wanting a prize for mobile.


One entry per person
Terms apply
Upload your picture before the blog next week, let me know what game you want and if you want a forum title put that in your comment too.


Questions from the Comments:


Question about BTD6
We're not talking about any BTD6 stuff just yet! Please hold your questions for when we start releasing info :)
Would you ever consider making a VR/AR game?
I would! I haven't heard any talks about it though so don't hold your breath for a VR or AR game from us.

Bonus pic of Jerry playing Bloons:

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