News 24 Jun 2016

Helloo! Welcome to another blog post. I've not got any news or releases to talk about this week so we'll go straight to a competition.


Oh Look, Another Drawing Competition!

That's right! This week I want a picture of something Ninja Kiwi related in order to win one or less of these prizes! These prizes are available for web or mobile so please specify!

15 Ancient Monkey Packs OR 15 Nantonium Strongboxes

Draw your picture (digital/analogue)
Read the terms
Upload to image hosting site
Post in the comments below and state which prize/platform you want
One entry per person
Have fun (or else)

Questions from the Comments:

What's your favourite shout in The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim?
Become Ethereal.
Do you have any ideas for different competitions in future?
I do not. Do you? (Please say yes)
What's your opinion on the various claims about BTD Battles "ripping off" Clash Royale?
That they miss the point a little, in the nicest way possible.
What plugin do you plan to use in the future for web games?
I'd go with Unity.
Tower Keepers in July?
Would be nice.
Ever though of making a turn-based strategy game?
Would you like a piece of pizza?
Yes please.
Can I borrow another $10 for gas?
Yep, I'll give it to you when you get here.
Any progress on Fortress Destroyer?
Unfortunately not. Everything is still up in the air for Fortress Destroyer :/
How did you survive Rohan's icicle rampage?
I dived into a pool of boiling water.
Are there any plans to enable groups on the forums?
No plans as such, but it's definitely something we could do if there's enough support.
Can I get a whoop whoop after a year of inactivity?
Whoop whoop.

Thanks for stopping by! Leave any questions, comments, feedback or competition entries in the comments below and have a good time!


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