News 15 Sep 2016

Hello everyone!

Last Thursday and Friday we had the New Zealand Game Developers Conference here in Auckland, New Zealand. It was two days of talks, panels, interactive demonstrations and plenty of discussion about games, gamers, technology and all the fun things that we have to think about to deliver awesome experiences to players. That meant I wasn't around to do a blog post so I must apologise for leaving you blogless for such a long time.


Bloons TD Battles mobile - 3.9.1

BTD Battles update 3.9.1 is out for mobile with some balance tweaks and minor bug fixes as well as the brand new BTD Battles Sticker Pack exclusive to iMessage on iOS 10.

Battles mobile is free here and we've got a tonne of awesomeness in development so check it out if you haven't already!


NK Haiku Competition!

For 15 Ancient Knowledge Packs or 15 Nantonium Boxes, submit an NK themed Haiku in the comments below. If you use the forums you can also request a title change!

Tell us what prize you want along with your Haiku in the comment selection below.
One entry per person
Read the Terms
Have fun
Questions from the Comments
Will Bloons TD 5 mobile get any more new tracks? Will there ever be track packs?
We will be releasing more tracks! We don't want to do track packs though. Any new tracks will be general content updates without having to pay more or download anything separately.
If you could choose to arm the Dartling Gun with any gun from SAS4, what would you choose?
HIKS 3100

And that's all there is :o Not many questions so if you've got any make sure to leave them in the comment section below. I also welcome Haiku competition entries, puns and regular non-question comments if you've got anything to say. Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here next week!



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