News 17 Mar 2017

Welcome to the blog post for March 17, 2017! Just an update for BSM2 mobile this week, but updates for Tower Keepers and BTD Battles mobile are nearly ready to be submitted. The Battles update doesn't have any further balance changes just yet but there are some pro-pro features that should make things interesting! Other in-development games are also swimming along nicely. I've been teasing some announcements and they're still sooon, but very soon now.

Bloons Super Monkey 2 Mobile .

This week we release version 1.2! This update introduces the new Helium Heights area and 10 new levels, along with a number of bug fixes and optimisations.

Check out Bloons Super Monkey 2 on iOS, Android and Amazon devices!


NK Rhyme Competition Winners!

Last week I asked for an NK related rhyme for prize of NK coins and a mystery gift for the game of your choice. We had a dozen great entries but in the end there are only two winners!


untitled - by k1d_5h31d0n

For years, the bloons had lived in turmoil
As monkeys came and invaded their soil.
After much searching, they acquired peace
In the Frozen Fields, but soon that would cease.
Those who remained in what was now Monkey Lane
Had brought to them news of terror and disdain.
Special monkeys with flight, magic and technology
That popped every single bloon they could see.
The first one they trapped in gates that could shock
And made sure he was kept in powerful lock.
The next they caught and froze in place
And put a MOAB on guard, a powerful ace.
Then came Super Monkey, a fearsome enemy.
He popped for blops, the bloons’ energy.
He gave the blops to a genius mad scientist
Who created plasmatic lasers and ‘rangs that never missed.
The bloons fought back with shields and constructions
Like bloon thunderstorms and blimps of destruction,
But with the power of science, Super Monkey would persist
With the help of research that caused damage bloons couldn’t resist.
Again the monkeys were winning the war,
But the bloons believed that would be no more.
Soon Super Monkey would fight the MOAB.
Surely he would lose, even after hours in the lab.
But it would seem that again they were wrong.
It seemed they couldn’t win, no matter how strong.
Super Monkey attacked and the MOAB lost.
The trapped monkey was freed and now infused with frost.

The ZOMG - by Quamma

I am too op
I'm black, white, and green
Only way to beat me
Is to fill up your screen

You may have temples and snipers
But I'll laugh in your face
You better be faster
Cause I'm picking up the pace

The rounds are getting higher
I can sense your fear
Soon your game will be over
Your end draws near

You've beat my BFBs, MOABs and DDTs
But with such small funds

I've beat many besides you
You think you have a chance
Well what can you do
Come at me, let's dance

Even if you beat me
Don't think that you've won
Unlike those 20 reds
This isn't Round 1


Thank you to everyone who entered! Prizes await the winners :)


Questions from the Comments:

Is there local Co-op in BTD5 for Xbox One? If not, will it be implemented in future?
There isn't local Co-op at the moment. It's something we want but nothing definite yet!
The latest version of Firefox no longer supports Unity Web Player. How are we supposed to play Fortress Destroyer now?
You will need to use Firefox's Extended Support Release version:
When are you fixing the forum?
When will you add another Extreme map to Bloons TD 5?
At this stage there isn't another Extreme map planned.
Do you guys throw a party whenever you release a new game major update?
New games and super-major updates may involve an earlier beer-o-clock, but parties are reserved for Christmas.
Why weren't there vaults in the last BTD5 web update?
Just a speedy track update back then. The next one will have them!
I guess no NK member has a Switch yet?
Some of them do! I think it has been well received. It will be interesting to see how well it does.
What goes up and down, but never left and right?
Numbers? I hear there are elevators that go left and right but that was my first thought.
TK web?
No news! The initial release work is still going for mobile. The web version is still a high priority!
How come you are ignoring lots of good questions NK? Are you really trying to run from your issues and can't take the heat nowadays?
Many of them are repeats, the issues have been acknowledged or the "heat" is a teensy bit ignorant about game development. It's not possible to do all the different things people want so while we always listen, in the end we trust our gut and our experience and do the things we think are awesome/want to try. I think we've proven our instincts over the last 10 years.


And that's all folks!





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