News 14 May 2018

Hello everyone, and welcome to the blog post for May 14th, 2018. Thanks for your patience with this delayed blog post, and thanks, too, for all the extra memes :) Though it's been another slow news week the Bloons TD 6 machine still rolls along. Expect more teasers soon!


NK Meme Competition

The last competition was to reward your meme making prowess, and here are the winners!

Scootaloo Dash






Congratulations to the winners, your prizes await! There were heaps of good entries so if you're interested in filling up your own meme jar I suggest taking a look at the previous blog post.


Questions from the Comments:

Is Bloons TD 6 going to be a mobile exclusive? Or can we plan on a PC release?
The game will only be on iOS and Android at launch. Looking at our previous games I think it's safe to say it won't stay only on iOS and Android. What and/or when will be determined by post-launch development progress.
Is Bloons TD 6 going to be a paid app?
On average, what is the total amount of memes that the meme jar can hold?
Will Bloons Monkey City receive any more updates?
There are no plans for further updates to BMC.
Why are the servers of SAS Zombie Assault 3 not connecting on phone? And any plans for more updates?
The servers should be working now. No updates planned for SAS3.
Why aren't there more Card Battle rooms, and more time spent on Card Battles in general?
It simply doesn't get as much attention from players and our focus is partly determined by that. It's not too surprising as Card Battles is quite different to normal Battles. I've brought it up again as some more rooms would be nice to see.
Will there be any changes to requirements for Clan Chests in Battles?
We did discuss it but it appears no changes were made. I've brought it up again now :)
Can you make it so we can edit blog comments?
I cannot, but it's on a list of things to get looked at.
Is Tower Keepers inspired by Dungeons and Dragons?
Nope, not really.
With Tower Keepers, how come pretty much all the enemies in 2-11 are Orcs?
There is an Orc camp in the hamlet of Ravenshalm. They are simply defending their Undead allies.
Will there be new events for SAS4 web?
Could Chris and Stephen Harris do a blog post on their thoughts and the future of SAS Zombie Assault?
Maybe one day, but at this stage there isn't anything else to say.
Could you add as volume mixer for Battles sound and music?
It's not something we will be doing for Battles.
Are there still going to be updates to BTD5 or just any of the Bloons games in general?
Bloons TD 5 web, Bloons TD 5 mobile and Bloons TD Battles mobile will each get at least one more update.


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