News 09 Mar 2018

Hey everybody! Welcome to the blog post for March 9, 2018. This week has been somewhat busy with badges on Kongregate, Cartoon Network announcing Bloons Adventure Time TD and the BTD6 team finishing a batch and moving onto the next!


What's Going On This Week?

Tower Keepers: 2x Rewards in Hero Battles. 2x Gems with Gem Master passive event. Samurai and Warmaster skins on sale.

BTD Battles: BFB with no bonus tower on Friday, MOAB Cards and MOAB Club Saturday, BFB and BFB Card Clubs on Sunday. Mortar skins and medallions on sale!

SAS4 web: Ongoing Trident Championship. Epic Pack and Vitriol, Ronson 5x5 and CM 0Kelvin on sale!

SAS4 mobile: Last Man Standing on Friday, Apocalypse on Saturday with Black Strongbox as reward, Virus Samples on Sunday. Nantoniums, Epic Pack and Torment, Proton Arc and Zerfallen on sale!

BMC web and mobile: Daily Monkey Teams with Monkey Knowledge Packs as reward on Sunday. Knowledge Packs on sale!

Bloons TD 5: New preferred monkey every 6 hours until Monday. Bloonvasion! White pops counting for the leader boards. Monkey Money and Ace skins on sale!

BSM2: Discounted price sales!



Ninja Kiwi Meme Competition

Last week we asked for your finest NK memes for the chance to win 50 NK coins and a mystery prize for a game of your choice. We got a number of great entries but I've narrowed it down to 3 winners!







Congratulations! Your prizes await in the games you've chosen!


Questions from the Comments:

Why does the quest monkey in BTD5 web have a weird crystal growth instead of a hand?
That's a hand. I'm not sure I appreciate that the quest monkey should have opened a letter already though.
Can we get the Monkey Sub in BTD Battles web since it's in BTD5 web?
There are no plans to add the Monkey Sub to Battles web.
When will Daily Challenges in Bloons TD 5 web come to an end?
The Daily Challenges in BTD5 web will come to an end when the Daily Challenges in BTD5 web come to an end :D
Can we get an ELO matchmaking system for TK anytime soon?
We're not planning any specific changes to matchmaking at this stage so an ELO system is unlikely. I think we'd like to see some adjustments but when/if that will happen...
Is there anyone planning to finished the remaining 3 regions in SAS 3 mobile?
Nope :(
Why is there no Heli-Pilot or Bloonchipper in any one of the Flash games?
Their agents didn't get them that deal.
What will NK do about their Flash games once Flash is no longer supported?
We will support the Flash games and people's ability to play them as long as possible.


And that's all I've got for you this week! Thanks for stopping by, leave any comments or questions below and have a fantastic weekend!





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