News 18 Apr 2013
Welcome everyone to the new Ninja Kiwi Site.

To those who have been having a look round for the last few days, thanks for staying with us! We did have a few niggles and glitches here and there, and we worked extra hard to iron out these issues. Those who had trouble logging in should now all be sorted, so if you still experience issues logging in, please email our awesome support team
Apart from you guys who are the life blood of Ninja Kiwi, this site has a ton of cool stuff in it including integrated Ninja Kiwi profiles that connect you to clan friends, forums and of course, games. Your profile page is your Ninja Kiwi home, where you can see recent activity from you and your friends, send private messages, you can change your avatar, clan or user name too, though clan and username changes are once only so choose carefully.
Clans are a fun new part of Ninja Kiwi. You are drafted into a clan automatically when you first login, and your level of clan commitment or participation is completely up to you - you can ignore it if you want, or you could jump in with both feet and bring glory to your clan by playing heaps of games and earning Awesome, because every point you earn is also added to your clan's total. You can track which clan is literally the most Awesome by checking the leaderboards on the site home page.
Over the next few days, weeks and months we will be rolling out changes, fixes, and of course awesome new stuff for the site.

  • Most Awesome Clans of the week will be rewarded with something cool, as well as most Awesome individuals.
  • More fun ways to interact with your friends, allies and of course enemies - including easier ways to play co-op games like BTD5 with the people you want, when you want.
  • In addition to Most Awesome Clan weekly rewards, clans will be issued special challenges related to specific games over a specific time period, for example first clan to kill 10,000,000 zombies. More details soon...
  • New Games! It wouldn't be Ninja Kiwi without regular new awesome games. We have been working for many months on a sequel to Bloons Super Monkey and we're proud to announce that it will be out soon. Apart from being unbelievably awesome in its own right, the game will of course come with its own full suite of achievements just waiting to be got for you and your clan's glory! In addition we have 2 other major, major projects slated for release this year.
  • Updates! Bloons TD 5 is an institution in its own right, and one that will continue to receive love from us in one way or another for a long time. Future updates will allow easier comparison with your friends' best scores, something we hope to add to all future games too. Who doesn't like beating your friends at stuff? On a personal note, co-op has been insanely popular, I love jumping online and stomping some Bloons with you guys, win or lose.
So stay tuned, keep playing and having fun. We're always happy to hear what you guys have to say about the site, the games or anything. Leave a comment here or email one of us.
Cheers all
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