Game Update 13 Jun 2013
Earlier this week, BTD5 on iOS and Android were updated. 1.5 and 1.4, for iOS and Android respectively, included a new track, Jungle, as well as Everyplay. Everyplay is a system that lets you record snippets of gameplay straight from your device and upload them. With this you can share videos with friends, or show of your sweet strategies to the world. Alternatively you could create some sort of 'Monkeytown's Funiest Home Videos', but we'll leave that up to you.

That update is out everywhere so make sure to grab that if you're a fan of portable bloon popping, and/or check out some of the videos already uploaded here: Everyplay BTD5

For those of you who play the web version of BTD5, head on over now and you'll find Jungle on there as well. Jungle is an Intermediate track set not suprisingly in a jungle. You can play the track in Coop as well as Solo Mode, so there is a bunch of Monkey Money to earn, as well as acheivements for thos of you who like achievements (read: everyone).

Both versions include the usual optimisations and bug fixes that we put in every update while trying to avoid putting in more bugs.
Some key fixes for web today:

- Wizard Lord now has Dragon's Breath attack
- Black screen related to Apprentices being sold/sacrificed is fixed
- Using Special Agents in 'Fast Upgrades' mission no longer breaks the game
- Fixed rare occurance of bloons taking different paths for coop players
- TotMG's eyes will no longer flash if it's caught shooting as the last bloon in a round is popped
- "Rank Up" premium now completely disappears once player is rank 60 (as it cannot be used)
- Probably other stuff.

You can go directly to the web version by clicking here: BTD5 or by using the 'Games' drop down menu at the top of the page.

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