News 20 Oct 2017

Hello everyone! Welcome to the blog post for October 20th, 2017.

This week we released SAS Zombie Assault 4 on Steam. The Steam version of SAS4 is a port of the mobile version, so it uses the mobile account system. That means if you've played on mobile you'll be able to continue your progress on Stream. Unfortunately the Flash version's data/account isn't compatible with mobile/Steam so it's not possible to use your web data on Steam. If you are having any trouble getting your mobile account working please contact support (link at the very bottom of the page!)

Also this week we had two Scottish visitors, here to talk about things we're going to talk to you about very soon!


What's Going On This Week?

Tower Keepers: 2x Rewards in Hero Battles. 2x Gem sale and new Grim Harvest campaign.

Bloons TD Battles: BFB on Friday, MOAB Cards and MOAB Club on Saturday, BFB with no bonus tower and BFB Club on Sunday. Medallions and Dartling Skins on sale.

SAS4 web: Virus Samples on Friday, Apocalypse on Saturday with black item on bounties, Last Man Standing on Sunday with Boss Bounty for Alloy. Epic Pack and Vitriol, Ronson 5x5 and CM 0Kelvin on sale!

SAS4 mobile/Steam: Global Kill Count event starting Friday and going through Halloween. LMS on Friday, VS on Saturday for Black Box, Apoc on Sunday for Black Box. Epic Pack, Nantoniums and Donderbus RIA 15SE and Torment on sale!

BMC web and mobile: Daily Monkey Teams with Knowledge Packs as reward on Saturday. MKPs on sale.

BTD5: Bomb skins and Monkey Money on sale. Bloonvasion, Golden Bloon and Lead pops counting for the leader boards.

BSM2: Discounted price sales.


Questions from the Comments:

Is there any ideas to put your old flash games to mobile?
Not as such. I think we're all fond of our old games though.
What is your favorite hero? It doesn't have to be a good hero or a bad one, just which one do you like for their aesthetics, animation or design?
The Cleric is aesthetic for sure. I like the Berserker's design (game play) quite a lot, though he's probably about 6th or 7th most used for me.
Is there a genuine reason to draw the noses of almost all male heroes in a way that they literally resemble another hideous body part of the human anatomy?
Another hideous body part? Are noses hideous? I'm not so sure they're hideous. They look more like thumbs to me.
If the Glue Gunner is a girl, which other monkeys are girls?
To be fair there's no official canon. Any of them could be anything.
Hi NK, are you gonna convert SAS4 web to Steam? plz :(
no :(
Is there actually not going to be something new for SAS4 or even a SAS5?
SAS4 on Steam will hopefully get enough attention so we can get a bit of time for it, but that depends on things that haven't happened yet so I can't say for sure. The SAS series is badass and we like it a lot.
Will Valkyrie have a skin?
No Valkyrie skin.
Will you be getting Super Mario Odyssey?
93.8% no.



And that's all this week folks! Leave a comment below if you have anything to say and have a great weekend!





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