New Games 14 May 2013

Whenever we release a sequel game we try to blow away the predecessor. We keep the things in mind that we loved and that fans loved about the previous game, but in all other ways we try to Highlander-style epic level up anything that inspires us. Bloons Super Monkey 2 qualifies as a poster child for that approach.

In the 3 years since BSM 1's release, Super Monkey's scientist pal Dr. Monkey has been working overtime, cooking up all sorts of toys:

  • 60 weapon upgrades across 3 weapon slots
  • 10 epic powers that bring sidekicks into the mix
  • 14 research areas that make your weapons even more powerful
  • 6 powerups for when 110% just isn’t enough
  • 6 Ultimate Monkeys that have their own embarrassingly superfluous ways of eviscerato-disintegrating bloons

Gameplay is still fast and clean – Super Monkey can’t be hurt or killed, you simply move your mouse to aim your shots and take out as many bloons as you can. Only after you’ve upgraded to a top-tier epic power do you even have to click the mouse, and that will activate sidekicks or super powers like Super Monkey Junior, Crouching Monkey ninjas, Sidewinder Aces, Doom Gauntlets, or the Mother of all Pineapples. Layered 2D graphics using the latest Stage 3D components of Flash give a compelling 3D look to the scrolling backgrounds, and the original music scores for each world and the boss fights are majorly pumped up.

Beyond that, the gameplay is pure and simple insanity. The bloon formations cross back and forth between complex patterns and organic shapes, keeping you flying all over the screen to pop them all. Each of your attack powers have weaknesses – as expected lead bloons are immune to sharp weapons and black bloons to bombs, but in BSM2 ceramic bloons  are immune to magic and brand new glass bloons are immune to tech powers. Oh, and the bloons seem to have cooked up some shield technology. Madness. Good thing you can invest in research to counteract immunities or shields, and otherwise improve your superosity.  And then there are the boss stages – stage 5 of each world, where you’ll meet MOABs and BFBs as you’d expect but also some crazy new bosses that will do their best to keep you from passing. You have to reach the Bronze Trophy target on any of the 20 stages to unlock the next, and there are 4 Trophy types to win on each stage, 100% of the blops to pick up, and 6 powerset badges to earn (you have to earn the Bronze Trophy using only one class of powers, such as only darts, or only bombs). Those varied completion targets mean heaps of Awesome to unlock across the 18 achievements. Anyone who wants a real challenge can go for the Diamond Trophy achievements, where you have to pop every single bloon across several stages – tough to do, but oh that glorious Awesome.

We’ve aimed to make Bloons Super Monkey 2 the craziest, most over the top scrolling shooter ever, so write back and tell us how we did. We’re always striving to launch and keep updating the best damn games possible, so talk to us about what you like, didn’t like, and what you want more of - we’ll be listening.

But for now stop reading and go play!


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