News 08 Aug 2014

New Nav. Bar and a Sprinkling of Forum Changes

Earlier today we updated the navigation bar at the top of It was only a few small changes: moving "blog" to a drop down "social" button with "forums" and adding links to Facebook and Twitter, as well as adding a dedicated "store" button for all your NK store visiting needs. Oh, there's also a new redness when you mouse over things, but that's by the by.

We've also changed some stuff on the forum's back-end, namely making it far, far easier to manage the profanity filter. I don't think anyone ever noticed, but sometimes a person's post would be blocked if a word or words had some profanity embedded in it. With this change we can add words to a white-list (and black-list) with a few key strokes and button clicks. If you come across anything like that, let us know (emailing support is the best) and we can get it fixed in a jiffy.

Behind the scenes we've been working on a bigger forum update to give you more space for reading and writing, more tools to express yourself and general design changes to make everything work better. As we introduce these features the forums will become a more pleasant place to hang out and discuss what truly is up at Ninja Kiwi (protip: the ceiling)


SAS: Zombie Assault 4 - Private Matches and Bug Patches

This week we finally got private matches into SAS4. We've been working on a number of other cool features over the last couple of weeks, but because they still require more time to get polished and balanced, we cut a private match sized chunk out and put that up for you to sink your teeth into. Join up with friends to play any mission you want. Good for grabbing achievements, seeing wondrous zombie creations or even just playing with people who won't run off down the street and aggro a bunch of the undead.

As always, the update featured a few bug fixes (and more in the last couple hours) and some balance changes. These balance changes were mostly around different gun fire-rates. There's a more complete change log in game, so load SAS4 up and have a look.


Questions from the comments

Aaron, do you read and answer the blog questions or do you just make up good questions and answer them?

Good questions? Sure :) They're real though. Really real.

Any planned updates for BTD Battles?

Yep. There are one or two tweaks waiting for Defend mode, but otherwise nothing to share.

Any new information about the Portal Artefact (in Bloons Monkey City)?


Any info about future games?


When will development of BTD6 start?

When it starts. (There's a lot of potential in BTD5 and its off-shoot games. While there are a bazillion and one awesome ideas for BTD6, we can only do so much at once)

Why does BTD5 Deluxe still have less features than the online and mobile versions?

The mobile version of every game is an entirely different code base. Because of that, anything made for mobile has to be fully remade for the web/Deluxe version. The mobile versions of our games gets significantly more players and so more time can be spent on it.

What is your favourite thing about working with the Ninja Kiwi community?

As simple as it is, you guys are just fun to talk to/be around. Lots of friendliness and passion about NK games.

Will there be changes to the existing Honor system in BMC in the near future?

There will be changes, but whether it's near or not is still unknown.

Will you add a search function to the new NK forums?

There will be something eventually, but currently our energies are focused on making them nicer to use on a thread/post/commenting level. Search (that is passable) is rather complex and I don't feel it adds as much value as the changes currently getting worked on.

Thanks for reading everyone!

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