News 03 Oct 2014

This week has been a week of extensive game testing. Developers have been putting up new versions of games multiple times a day, so that we can poke and prod them until a weakness is revealed. The developer then massages the game a bit and puts it back up for more poking and prodding.

The updates we're testing are close. Expect SAS4 very early next week and all going to plan, BMC hot on its heels (in the game industry sense of course, where time spans mean nothing).

But those updates aren't the only thing being tested. At pretty much any point during the day a small group of 4 can be seen around a desk or set up in a comfy beanbag area playing a more portable game. Again they play it over and over, letting distant developers know their findings so that a new version can be created and loaded the next day for another round of testing.

While all of this is great fun for us, it does unfortunately mean we haven't had much to put out for you guys. Your hands won't be empty for long though, so think of this as the calm before the storm.

Leader-board Positions in SAS: Zombie Assault 4

Many of you are noticing that your position on the Bounty leader-boards are not updating as you increase your score. This bug is caused by the game not submitting your score to the servers when it should be. Because the servers are still seeing 0 (or whatever happens to be the last score you saved) your % and tier does not go up, and may even drop.

We have fixed this problem internally, but the changes required are already locked away in the update we've been testing. A few issues have meant we weren't able to get the update out to you as soon as we'd hoped.

For now, there is a way to force your score to be submitted to the servers. Load up a game of Alpha Virus and during the game hit the "escape" key then quit the match. Doing this will get the board to update to your correct position at that time.

Unfortunately the lack of score being submitted means we don't have a way to reimburse players who may have missed out on their correct rewards.

Questions from the Comments:

Will we see a web/PC version of Battle for the Galaxy?

Battle for the Galaxy is developed by AMT Games and is solely for mobile.

If we made our own games, is there a way to submit them to be put on the site (assuming you liked them and all that junk)?

Unfortunately for the budding game developer, we no longer accept game submissions and no longer host other people(s)'s games on our site.

When can we expect updates for the Bloons web games?

Bloons Monkey City will be the next, and there's a bit of info about that above. There isn't currently a time-line for BTD5 or Battles updates but once the Bloons guys are finished with BMC we may be able to get something out for them. Other bloons games are unlikely to get any updates.


Thank you for stopping by. There isn't much just yet, but there's a whole heap of awesome on the horizon.




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