News 18 Dec 2014

Thanks for tuning in everyone! This is, as far as we know, going to be the very last blog post of 2014.

The year so far has been pretty great, but who really remembers that far back? In the last few months, a much more reasonable time-frame, we've seen the release of SAS Zombie Assault 4 and Bloons Monkey City free on mobile (though we're still working on Android for that) and Bloons TD 5 on Steam. We've had updates across all our current games on the mobile and computer platform and our plans for everything extend far into 2015.

The coming weeks are going to be jam packed with sales, events and promotions across both web and mobile games, beginning with 2x Monkey Money on BTD5 web that was activated just a few hours ago.

During this time the programmers and artists of Ninja Kiwi will get a much needed break (unless they broke something, then we'll have to march them in to fix it) and everything has been set up to run smooth as silk until NK returns at full force on January 5th.

So, we come to the end of another year. Games have been Christmas-afied, Events are scheduled, promotions planned and sales incoming. If you're looking forward to any of these be sure to stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter for the latest announcements.

Feel free to leave your questions like always, but also feel free to leave us comments about the year that's gone and the year that's coming, what you're excited for and what you're hoping to see on and around Ninja Kiwi.


Thanks for being awesome,




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