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Hey everyone! Welcome to this week's blog with the NK team! 

What's been going on this week?

Battles 2 received update 1.1 this week, with the new hero, Captain Churchill, new maps and a whole lot more! You can see the update notes here.

Middle of nowhere Results:
1st: KLTD1234 - 2 minutes and 20.5 seconds
2nd: Quagmire  - 2 minutes and 20.9 seconds
3rd: Alpowk - 2 minutes and 23.4 seconds
4th: vrej - 2 minutes and 23.8 seconds
5th: Chocbox - 2 minutes and 24 seconds

This weekend's focus:

- BTD6 - 
Pile O' Monkey Money and T3 Insta Monkeys on sale.
Ongoing "DDT BADness" Odyssey ending Tuesday. 
"Subtarranean" Race this weekend. 
Bloonarius will be appearing this week, starting Saturday and ending Thursday. 

- Bloons Pop - 
Friday: White Bloon Popper
Saturday: Black Bloon Popper
Sunday: Level Smasher
3rd Canister, Bloonstones, Barrel of Bloonstones and Vault of Monkey Money on sale. 

- BTD Battles -
Professor Evil appearing this weekend. With a second tougher one starting Tuesday and ending Thursday.
Friday: MOAB, MOAB Card - BFB, BFB Boosts Only, BFB Random 15
Saturday: MOAB, MOAB Card, MOAB Club - BFB, BFB Card
Sunday: MOAB, MOAB Card - BFB, BFB Boosts Only, BFB Card Club
Monday: MOAB
2x Medallions with Bag of Medallions and Chest of Medallions on sale.

- BATTD - 
Ongoing Martian games: Shuffle, no powers and half cash.
Adventure Time only, no allies and more zombier starting on Saturday.
Tuxedo Jake, Hunter Marceline and Character Bundle pack on sale.  

- SAS4 Mobile -
LMS on Friday, VS with black box as rewards on Saturday and Apoc on Sunday. 
Sales on nantos, NV vet pack, epic pack and 8th premium gun set: Torment, Proton Arc and Zerafallen

- BTD5 -
Ongoing Totem event, ending Thursday.
MOAB counting for the leaderboards. Sub skin and Monkey Money on sale. 

Questions from the comments: 

I know you probably don't have any info on BMC 2, but if you do, please tell us.
We aren’t currently planning or developing BMC2, as we are pouring tons of creative energy into BTD6 still!

Is Geraldo a trustworthy fellow?
It depends, are you a Bloon?!

Please help me, i can load my previous progress from other device in Bloons TD Battles 5
If you have any trouble with game data, please get in touch with our support team! 

Is Bloons TD Battles 2 going to be on XBox someday?
Not in the plans at the moment!

How smart is Pat Fusty?
He’s really good at reading people. He always knows when you need a hug!

We may have asked How can a monkey with red wristbands see camo… but how can ninja monkey see camo?
Camo and deception are powerful agents to the uninitiated... but the Ninja monkeys are initiated

Are you planning to bring some of the new cosmetics from BTDB2 to BTD6 anytime soon? or are they gonna remain exclusive to the battles?
No plans to move any cosmetics from BTDB2 to BTD6 right now, but not ruling it out for the future!

Would NK let a map with luck-based mechanics (or no new mechanics) win the 200K subreddit members competition? (Please don't!)
Once we’ve done the first pass and picked the top 5 submissions we’ll be handing it over to the community for a round of voting. So to answer your question, it’s really up to you all :)

So in a previous blog, it said all games are still the same universe. So what happened to the first dart monkey you place in BTD1? is he still on the battle field?
Once you’ve been doing something for as long as you can remember it’s hard to even imagine doing anything else. 

Are you thinking about adding a “weak” targeting option. I think it would help more than close does.
Really gonna kick em while they’re down? How about picking on a bloon matching your own strength!

you said that sas4 will updated this year, then when will it be?
Looks like the countdown got reset. We do have a smaller balance patch on the way before a larger content patch we are working on that should be out later in the year.

Do any of the heros actively say swear words or no no words? (And you can't say Ezili and Adora "curses"). If so, which words?
The heroes don’t let frustration interfere with improving their knowledge and combat prowess.

Why cant top path alchemists buff middle path alchemists?
Mixing such powerful concoctions could have serious side effects, especially when middle path concoctions are somewhat unstable to begin with. 

Who Has the higher military rank, Admiral Brickell or the Navarch of The Seas? "Navarch" is just Greek for "Admiral", so are they the same rank?
Brickell is higher ranking!

Is Benjamin and Captain Churchill brothers?. Both have the same voice actor and both have green eyes. And It is obvious that they could be related

Is there going to be a sandbox mode in BTDB2?
We aren’t working on one at the moment

What is the Home Screen event monkey’s name?

What's the highest height that a Dart monkey (Dartus) has thrown a Dart?
The legends believe that the highest height a single dart was thrown is 1337m 

Since Vortex is confirmed to be released next update, what elemental property will it have in its elite form? Lightning? Snow?
Whatever it is, it’s very very frightening me!

How do monkeys shoot through each other?
The weapons and technologies used in bloon warfare have been tuned in such a way that it does not hurt other monkeys. You can thank Dr. Monkey for making such a valuable breakthrough. 

What is Benjamin’s favorite video game?
Bloons pop!

Have the Boss Bloons ever interacted with each other? If so, what did they do?
The boss bloons are forged with such a strong will to take over the universe that they don’t care about anything except completing their destructive mission. 

How does a pet teleport when redeployed by a heli?
They get a ride in the heli too! 

Why cant the monkeys go on the track, its literally made for the monkeys to go in it.
I for one wouldn’t want to be trampled by bloons. I think the monkeys share the same mentality, plus being off the track allows you to get better vantage points. 

Can the tech terror still eat bananas despite being a robot?
Yes it’s possible but they wouldn’t remove their mask for such a trivial task. 

do any of the Heroes watch anime, and if so what are their favourite anime
Benjamin is an anime fan. Don’t know if he has a set favourite anime but Sword Art Online is definitely up there. 


Have a great weekend and happy gaming!

- Ninja Kiwi Team