News 04 Sep 2015

It's already September D: September 4th Blog Post go!


Fortress Destroyer - San Francisco

Fortress Destroyer has recieved a new map based on San Francisco. In this mission you will have to protect a data retrieving vessel from wily Blackwater villains. Watch out for the Leviathan lurking in the depths of San Francisco bay! A new rewards system and bug fixes are outlined more in the patch notes.


Bloons TD 5 2.17 & BTD Battles 3.0 Updates - BATTLE ARENAS!


Draw a Gun, Win a Gun

Try your hand at drawing a gun for SAS4 along with a short description (~150 characters) to add some flavour to your creative weaponry. You can make it from a current manufacturer or an invented one and you don't need to worry about particular damage/balance numbers cause this is all about sheer awesomeness.

This is an opportunity to let your creative juices leak all over a page. The most badassist entry will get their SAS dude's digital mitts on a brand new HIKS A10.

Draw your picture. Upload it somewhere. Post it in the comments under text saying "Draw a Gun, Win a Gun". One entry per person (I'll take the last one if you do multiple)

As always, please read the Terms around competitions on this page:



Questions from the Comments:

Will there be more premium guns in the future?

Outlook good.

Can we get patch notes for the BTD games?

There isn't a place in-game for patch notes so we try to put them up on the forums when we update. For a long time it wasn't something we did but more recently we're making sure players are able to see the changes we put in.

Is there an expected date for Fortress Destroyer's mobile release?

Not quite yet, but it feels like we're bearing down on it at an incredible rate.

Will you guys ever make Championships shorter?

We'll keep making changes we think work for the whole player base. So maybe :)

Is Impoppable mode coming to BTD5 web still a possibility.

I think it's unlikely at this stage.

When will multi player come out for Fortress Destroyer?

Nothing to announce about future Fortress Destroyer updates at this point.

What's your lucky number?

Due to my mastery of numerology and Big Ban theology I can say my lucky number is probably 9. Just keep 7 away from it.

Will you add a block feature to NK?

Maybe one day but a feature like that is incredibly low priority. I'd like the forums to get improved before something like that :)

999,999 more suggestions to go!

999,999 more suggestions! Take one down, pass it around, 1,000,432 more suggestions to go!

What's your happiest memory/dream?

My brother getting attacked by a penguin. Scary at the time but quite enjoyable to think back on.

Do you think that NK may be getting corrupted? As in some people (maybe even some mods or admins) getting into "arguments" and then being biased, etc?

Nope, but I think you'd need to be more specific as I'm not quite sure what you mean. I don't think there's any corruption though.

Will NK ever hold some kind of contest of SAS4/BTD5 suggestions to one of them implemented?

We've done this with a track for BTD5 (Skull Peak) and I'd really like to see more so hopefully one day.

Who'd be a better partner in crime, Megatron or Starscream?

I don't know much about their actual characters, but I imagine Megatron thinks he's too cool for Transformer school. So I'll go with Starscream.

Why is there no SAS4 videos in the videos section?

That's a very good question >_>

Aaron, tell us something nice :)

The main BTD developer is very good at handball. (But cool NZ handball with a tennis ball and 6 big squares and fun rebound shots off the walls.) Once he becomes King it often takes a concentrated effort from the rest of us to bring him down.

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