News 06 Nov 2015

Hi there! Welcome to an NK blog post. I won't be around to put one of these up for the next two weeks so make sure your questions (that you'll leave in the comments) are especially good. Due to me being tremendously sick this week and there not being much in the way of updates (or the update isn't out for all platforms) we'll go straight to the winners of the Haiku competition. Woo!

Haiku Competition!

We had many great entries but I have whittled them down to my top 5. In no particular order, here are the winners of the Haiku competition:

In dark, cold forest
Angry squirrel ambuscade
Fireflies light a lake
It is time for war
The horrible bloons are here
we must stop them now
Under a full moon,
A single bloon floats silent,
Now is when I strike.
Ships with big mean guns
Defeating Blackwater foes
Now where's the fortress?
Kevin Malone
What does the bloon say?
pop-pop-pop-pop pop-pop-CLINK
clink-clink-GAME OVER
Congratulations everyone! (but really just those 5). They'll find 10 Nantonium strongboxes waiting to be assigned when they load up SAS4.
Questions from the Comments:
Any news on changes to Honor/MvM for BMC web?
Nope, nothing happening yet unfortunately.
Why was Ink Blot removed from Battles mobile?
I'm told it has an abnormally high skip rate and is generally disliked by many people. The size of mobile apps is something we have to constantly juggle, so removing it is helpful for that.
Will Mastery Mode be coming to Flash?
It's too early to know.
Can Rohan do a blog?
I'll allow it, if he wants to.
Will there be any contests for Alloy or Bloonstones?
Contests from the blog? Could be, I don't really plan the prizes ahead of time.
How much candy did you collect, Aaron?
2 small bags of M&Ms and a mini Crunchie Bar. A pretty good haul for not going Trick-or-Treating.
Will there be more ways to earn Monkey Knowledge Packs in BMC Mobile?
Yep. Getting the balance right takes a while but we'll keep adding/tweaking until we're happy with the rate players can find them.
Can you subscribe to this newsletter?
As in get notified when the blog goes up? That would be much too serious I think.
What was the update you like most this year?
Beacons/Bosses in Bloons Monkey City.

Thanks for reading! Leave your questions below, have fun, be good and I'll see you in a few weeks!




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