News 20 Feb 2015

Hello, brave travellers.

I see you have made it through the week. Well done!

The website had a similar journey, though I hope yours was far smoother. We carried out some significant maintenance on our servers and boy was it bumpy. The process of moving everything around was complex, though we were surprised just how much longer it took than expected. Everyone was incredibly patient which was great to see. Even with the issues caused as maintenance came to an end (and the services that were still down afterwards) you were able to let us know and we have done (and are doing) what we can to get everything rectified.

SAS Zombie Assault 4 streak resets:

Many players had their Daily Reward streak reset to 1 day. We are doing several roll-backs to the correct day for each user so most players will have this fixed already.

If you had trouble with this:

  • Play another game on every character (it's important that each character gets a game) and check your Daily Reward streak.
  • If your streak is still reset, email with your user name and the number of days each character had (if you're not sure exactly just round up and give us a number)

We've put some goodies on each account for a sort of reimbursement so go check the game out.

Bloons TD 5 Daily Reward Chest reset:

Another reset? Luckily this is far more simple!

If this happened to you, email and tell us what number you were on. Please remember that we'll be going through quite a few emails to get this sorted so if you had a low number, or don't mind, we appreciate not emailing in. Don't feel discouraged though, we're more than happy to help you as soon as we can.

Trouble logging in:

We're seeing some problems with Internet Explorer in particular. I've made this handy dandy notebook thread which you should check if you're having issues logging in.

If that doesn't help, please email for more customised help.

So what was it all about anyway?

Maintenance mainly involved moving to new servers. Here, I'll let this explain it

There were no changes to games or the site (though there are some coming). Things should, once everything has settled down, just be a bit better, more secure etc.


SAS Zombie Assault 4 - Updates?

Yeah, there's been more updates for SAS4. Check it out here: here with a log of the changes in-game.


Happy Chinese New Year, Bloons Monkey City Mobile

Bloons Monkey City on mobile devices has received an update to introduce a free decoration pack, magical Red Envelopes and a new special mission where you take on the mighty Nian Dragon to unlock a flying Dragon King for your city.

(Seriously this sounds amazing, go play it if you can)


Questions from the Comments:

Will anything happen to legacy weapons in SAS4?

There are no plans to touch them.

SAS4 characters continue to accumulate XP at level 100, is this a sign that the cap may one day be raised?

Nope. It does keep the option open though.

Will there be more secrets like the one on Meltdown?

There very well could be.

Do Nightmare games count for Map Masters?

They do now! (since the update)

When will there another Clan Challenge?

I don't know, sorry.

Have you been to theme parks or fun fairs recently?

Our theme park choices are very, very limited here in New Zealand... we have one choice. Nope, haven't been there for years. 

On a scale of 0 - 10, how awesome are you?

Going by the original definition, I think a solid "1" is very reasonable.

What are your favourite movies?

Too many people to ask, but I'll add the question to interviews in future. (Should really get another one for you).

My favourite movie is The Princess Bride.

There's also a Friday 13th in November.


What is your favourite number?

Four comes to mind currently. It's a very fluid concept I feel.

What did you do to the Wheel of Fate? :o

Hey! He was asking for it. (Should be back now)


Thanks for sticking around till the end. I enjoyed your company this evening. Leave questions below and have a fine weekend.