News 06 Jun 2014

This week Bloons Monkey City finally received an update! There's been a lot going on behind the scenes (all terribly boring for you I'm sure) but the BMC update is the most exciting thing to talk about.

But before you run on over and jump into Contested Territory, the new mode in BMC, you should probably read on...

Contested Territory is currently disabled in Bloons Monkey City

Why? Some of the server processes for Contested Territory (CT) were taking too long and causing everything to slow down too much. BMC can handle a bit of load, but it was getting into the unsafe area where saving and data could start to be affected. Because of that  BMC has been in maintenance for a good chunk of the day while we worked on the issue.

With work still ongoing, we had no choice but to temporarily turn off CT so everyone can still get into BMC in the mean time.

The fix could potentially be later today, with a switch at the ready in case things take a turn, but it may be early next week before you can start battling over your territories to earn cash and bragging rights.

What exactly is Contested Territory?

On the outskirts of your city, beyond the tiles you normally have access to, your monkey researchers discovered an ancient monument to an even more ancient monkey civilisation. Initial Bloon readings were off the charts; nobody truly knows how deep the Bloons have entrenched themselves.

You can capture this "territory" by playing a game of BTD and getting past the required round. Once captured, the territory will produce a steady supply of City Cash to help fund you city.

The only problem? Other cities are within attacking distance too, and it's not called Contested Territory for nothing! 

You will fight against 5 other cities, all vying for control of the territory. As soon as you beat the previous highest round (or original round required) you will be in control and you will start earning cash and a timer will start counting. At the end of each week the city in your particular territory who held it the longest will be the winner, earning Bloonstones and progress towards some brand new achievements.  Players need at least 24 hours on the clock before they are eligible to win.

The Bloons are always close though. If nobody beats a previous time for 24 hours the territory will become unclaimed, and every city nearby will be trying to get control once again.


Once CT comes back on-line we'll be working on making sure the experience is fun and not too time consuming for you high level players. There will be changes until we're happy with where CT's balance is, so let us know your thoughts on the forums and comments.

Questions from the Comments

Any news on Clan Challenges, particularly one for SAS4?

There isn't at this point. I couldn't say for sure when the next one will be, but a SAS4 one is very likely.

Will there be additional gun slots in SAS4?

There are no plans to allow more gun space at the moment.

More importantly than Down The Drain being possible on iOS, is it possible without the Monkey Lab, Premiums, or Specialty Buildings?

I would think not, you'll probably have to spend at least a little Monkey Money or a few tokens, but I'd be happy for someone to prove me wrong. Could even be a Lordship  prize in it if we get a video.

Is anything being worked on in regards to the Slow-Mo problem in Battles Web?

Not currently. We tried many things when this issue showed up, but all research lead back to it being an issue with Flash itself that the game engine can't get around. All current (as of this week) Battles work, besides theoretical planning to help balance issues, are to do with server side stuff. (That's not to say there won't be more work done to fix it)

Thanks for your eyeballs! Leave questions, suggestions, thoughts, riddles and quips in the comment section below and I'll see you again next week for another riveting episode of What's Up at Ninja Kiwi!