News 28 Feb 2014
Welcome to another Friday update. I've got a long list of questions so let's get right to it.

Is it possible to reveal any info on that oh so secret Portal Artefact in BMC?

Probably not.
Are you going to introduce any achievements related to Hardcore Mode?

No plans either way at this stage.
What might the Portal Artefact do? It seems to have no purpose.
The Portal Artefact is a very mysterious and powerful object.
Is it possible to share some spoilers for new games?
That would spoil things, no? Well, there could be some cool things to show.
Bloons Monkey City is still rather difficult on occasion.
Following on from the previous question (Aaron edit: it was more of a statement), will there be more changes to BMC difficulty.
There could very well be more changes, though I can't say for sure yet.
We're still analysing the data coming in, putting it up on spread sheets, graphs, whiteboards and other visual mediums. Less difficulty for "normal" mode and more difficulty for Hardcore Mode is on the table at the moment.
When will the Special Mission for the Portal Artefact come out?
Who said it'd be in a Mission? Last I heard it was all very mysterious.
What will the Portal Artefact look like?
Something mysterious and powerful, no doubt. Though quite less mysterious than its function seeing as there could be pictures of it out there already.

Can you still visit your first town after creating a new one (if its true that you can make another one)?
Assuming it's true, I suppose you should be able to from time to time. Gotta keep up appearances for you monkeys, right?
Is it OK to purposefully lose an MvM attack?
Yes, you won't get in any trouble for doing it. It isn't what we want players to do though, so changes have been and will continue to be made to stop it being worthwhile.
If you're doing something within the confines of the game, you're probably OK. There could be cases where players exploiting bugs will get their data rolled back or edited to get rid of what they gained, but that usually isn't necessary.
Is BSM2 getting any more updates?
Probably not unfortunately.
When is the next update for Bloons TD 5 Deluxe?
There isn't a set date for a Deluxe update, so no information to give here just yet.
Why does BTD5 mobile get more towers and exclusive tracks than Deluxe when it's cheaper?
It all boils down to the market being significantly larger for iOS and Android than for the web/Deluxe version.
Portable's success, and because it's been out for a lot less time, means more time can be spent on it. More focus means more stuff. 
Is there any way to transport your NK account to BTD5 Deluxe or iOS, because I just got Deluxe and there is no way to log in to a Ninja Kiwi account.
No. The reason for this is two-fold.
First: There is no way to move data between the different versions. While we're working on our multi-platform infrastructure at the moment, we're still a long way from even having the ability to move data like that.
Second: More importantly, the data used between the different version of BTD5 is not the same. While there are a lot of similarities (XP could be translated perfectly fine for example), there are too many differences. 
To keep things simple we don't (and will never) have data be transferable between different versions. 
Do you know if Bloonstones were added to the Wheel of Fate, if not will they be?
They have not been added yet, but they will in the future.

Thanks for reading. As always leave questions below!