News 16 Dec 2013

It's that time of week again so come and sit around while I give out some nuggets of information. This week is going to bring a lot of new stuff for a few different games, but while we can tell you to look forward to it, we won't be talking about it just yet.

Bloons TD 5 Deluxe

Some of you may be interested in a BTD5 Deluxe update that has just come out, not 2 hours ago. 

The update include 9 new tracks. Some are from previous BTD5 updates, and 4 new ones that aren't in any BTD 5 game yet. There are also some little bug fixed.

Clan Challenge

Complete North Pole on BTD5 web 2,500 times on any difficulty. The first Clan to reach this number will earn 50,000 Awesome Points for their Clan. The second place Clan will receive 20,000 Awesome and third place will receive 10,000 
Individuals can earn themselves a Mark of Awesome by beating North Pole 25 times before the CC is over.

Once one Clan wins, the Clan Challenge is over.

The Holidays

As the holidays are approaching, it's a good idea to let you know that Ninja Kiwi officially closes down after this week until a handful of days into January. This close down means there will not be any game updates during that time, and also a lower level of NK presence about the place (though the shadows are vast and comfortable, so many will not notice this).

During this time, the blog posts and Clan Challenges will stop. We hope to bring the blog back on the 6th of January and the idea is to have Clan Challenges soon after (if not on that day.)

Not to worry though, we will have an eye on the forums, activity feed etc. in case we need to light the beacons to bring in some help, and there will of course  be support responses to help anyone who should ask.

Questions from the comments

Can you address whether those little changes to BMC may or definitely won't include changes to the MvM system?
They will definitely include changes to the MvM system.

We're watching the conversations and statistics for MvM (and general tile capture too) so we can make changes to address the issues being raised.
There isn't much we can confirm just yet, with everything still up in the air till it's in the game, but we're aware of how powerful Camo and Regen attacks are (unfairly so) and in general there are un-fun aspects of MvM that we want to fix.

Will there be more updates for SAS3 on Mobile?

Yep! SAS3 on Android and iOS is actually managed by AMT Games, and not Ninja Kiwi, but yes, there will be more stuff out for it pretty soon.

Thank you for reading. And, as always, leave your questions and comments below!