News 02 Dec 2013
Heyyyyy everybody.
Hope you had a great week! With an update for BTD5 Mobile, a new track on BTD5 web and Bloons Monkey City open beta, there have been plenty of things to spend time on, whether you should be spending that time on something else or not.
Bloons Monkey City News Section
It's been a busy week for BMC and there have been a lot of questions about the game, so a BMC news section seemed like a good idea.
In regards to updates, there will be plenty. Right away our main focus is on fixing bugs and other issues, but there are small and large features/content being designed and/or worked on to make the game even more fun. These will be introduced while we move through open beta.
Everyone being so excited to play the game made the servers a little nervous at first, but we gave them a pep talk and they're performing more normally now. More recently (over the weekend) we found that a particular server call for the Monkey Vs. Monkey servers was slowing everything down. We disabled them to stop it affecting the whole game but a lot of you will have seen the repercussions of that.
Luckily, all you Battle History and attacks weren't actually wiped, so now that the MvM servers are coming back on-line (most) everything should be in order. As always, if you do have any significant issues you need fixed up, emailing is your best path to getting that done.
Closed Beta Players
Closed beta has been turned off completely. Players no longer have access to the staging Ninja Kiwi site.
Random City Resets
The biggest bug in BMC at the moment is one that will cause player's cities to be dropped down levels. Sometimes only a few levels, but often a lot. This is our primary focus at the moment and we're still working on fixing that. If you have had your city reset, please email so we can fix it up.

If you run into this in the future, please immediately close the game without touching anything and get in contact with us. We are looking for freshly wiped data to figure what is happening.
Overall, we're liking where the game balance is with MvM attacks as well as tiles. There are, however, a few bits that we'll be playing around with to make MvM fun for everyone. In particular there have been concerns about Camo/Regen boosting in MvM so we'll be keeping an eye on that in case there needs to be some changes. The BMC Forum is a great place to give us feedback on what things you do and don't like, so don't be shy. Though do take a moment to read through a page or two of posts to make sure there isn't another one like the post you'd like to make.
City Wipe Requests
We've had a few requests from players to have their cities wiped in order to start over.
Unfortunately we are not able to do this.
There are technical difficulties with wiping data stored across multiple servers as well as MvM interaction that relies on cities not being deleted. Giving players an option to start over is something we have in mind for the future, but it's still a while away.
And the ones who can't load the game
For those of you who aren't able to load up Bloons Monkey City at all (and maybe BTD5 and Battles), please check that you have the latest version of Flash from here:
If you cannot get the latest version of Flash because your operating system isn't supported, you may want to try some other browsers to see if they can get around it.
Clan Challenge
Because the Clan Challenge Creator Man is also heavily involved in Monkey City, there will not be a Clan Challenge again this week.
BTD Battles
Battles has had a few pains over the last few months, and though we're still a little ways off being able to fix the major issues, we are working on them. Most importantly is a significant overhaul of the backend to give better stability and better logging to find issues when they come up.
We truly appreciate how patient you've been with us here.
As always, keep asking about what you want to know. We read through every question so it's the best way to check in with us about those things that are most important to you.
Peace out.