News 25 Nov 2013
We'll have a shorter update post this week. There's a lot happening and time is in short supply! 

Monkey City!

First of all: Bloons Monkey City is in open beta! 

Build your town from humble outpost to thriving metropolis in Bloons Monkey City. Pop bloons to spread your city out, giving your more land on which to build. Once you're set up, start sending attacks at your friends in Monkey vs. Monkey!
It's seriously fun and we're very proud of it so jump in and let us know what you think of it on the forums. There's still a lot of awesome stuff to be done for the game but for now that's still on the horizon.

Bonus Bloonstones for Closed Beta Players

For all players who were part of the closed beta, we would like to thank you for your help with a few bonus Bloonstones in the open version of Bloons Monkey City. To do this, we need your Staging account name to be the same as your real Ninja Kiwi account name.

We have added a name change to all accounts for those who have changed their name once already. Please go to to change your name so it matches your real NK account.

If your names already match, you do not need to do anything :)

Battle Panic iOS

Battle Panic has just been released on iPod and iPhones FREE around the world!

Grab it here

Battle Panic pits you against an invading army of orcs so assemble your forces to fight back to stop them once and for all. The further you play, the more powerful your units, buildings and direct attacks and healling will become. An Android version is being worked on at the moment for the non-iOS people, so keep an eye out for further announcements there.
Questions from the Comments

Will you add the DDT from Bloons Monkey City to Bloons TD 5?
There are no plans to introduce the DDT to Bloons TD 5. 
BTD5's rounds were lovingly crafted many moons ago and I think everyone's grown rather fond of them. Furthermore, DDT's are a bloon invention that is surrounded in trickery and underhandedness. BTD5 bloons are too noble to resort to such tactics, unlike the bloons in BMC. Though monkeys put the BMC bloons in that position in the first place, so we can't really blame them, can we?
Did you stop updating SAS 3?
Yes. The web version of SAS3 is no longer being updated.
Very short indeed.
Keep your questions coming. Preparing BMC has made the last few weeks pretty hectic, but going forward we would love to have other interesting things to talk about.