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  • Btd5_glue
    IAmAwesome576 9 months ago

    Who is Deckard?

  • Btd5_dart
    Dartmonkeyrespect 9 months ago

    Since Street Party got ported to the jukebox recently, could other themes, such as Ocarina Time and Bloons House Party, be ported too?

  • Btd5_tack
    MishaGold 9 months ago

    Will there be an opportunity to replay past daily challenges, like a calendar archive of challenges? It might be cool for the Odysseys too.

  • 35-comicbookace
    JrMonkey15184 9 months ago

  • Nk_monkey
    BoomerMonkey77989 9 months ago

    Also NK my parents aren't letting me play btd6 on my phone and I don't have steam, but I still love your games. If you ever plan to add the COBRA, can you consider looking at my fan creation? I want to work for a video game company, but alas I am only 16. I will link my reddit post of my COBRA idea here:

  • Btd5_mortar
    Ast3rikk 9 months ago

    Two things. One, what's the name of the frenchie in the second picture, and second, have you thought about making/getting Waffle Bloons merch? Very important questions.

  • Nk_monkey
    BoomerMonkey77989 9 months ago

    Why does obyn say "The spirits of the forest awaken." There is only one spirit of the forest, because it is a fifth tier tower. Is obyn actually a druid as well? They both have shrubbery that grow on the track, they both have upgrades with the word "wrath" in them, And they both can generate money! So is obyn like an x-5-5 SotF/AoW?

  • 10-dartlingfullauto
    AxelOrozco 9 months ago

    Why can't I play BTD5? It says I'm not logged in(though I am) It only allows me to play as Guest.(ANDI WAS ON RANK 66...)

  • 7-8bitmonkey
    mixelsfan8888 9 months ago

    How are monkey babies made? and what happened to quincys mother?

  • 10-dartlingfullauto
    AxelOrozco 9 months ago

    How did Quincy get hit by a nefarious DTD? I thought nothing could get past his bow...

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