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  • Btd5_ice
    OblivionWithCheese about 1 year ago

    How late can questions be submitted before they're not answered?

  • 10-hotmonkey
    PhoenixOfJustice about 1 year ago

    have you guys really just rikrolled us. also please make a real monkey book of names.

  • Nk_monkey
    snoopy1a about 1 year ago

    Does Benjamin have anything to do with the super monkey being able to turn into a cyborg (technological terror)?

  • 23-btdapache
    DemonFiend about 1 year ago

    It sure seems that people want the Dartling in... maybe it could be added, but as a Hero instead of an actual tower: Commander Dartling. $1300 starting price and his text would be this: With his trusty Dartling Gun, Commander Dartling has personally perforated millions of bloons. At level one, he would function as a basic dartling from previous Bloons Tower Defense titles.

  • Btd5_dart
    ARandomPage about 1 year ago

    Will the House Party, Disco Party and Street Party tracks ever be added to BTD6? I really like those and if they were added to BTD6 as a map exclusive or trophy store item it would be awesome.

  • Btd5_dart
    ARandomPage about 1 year ago

    What's your least favorite monkey? I never use Super Monkeys.

  • Btd5_dart
    ARandomPage about 1 year ago

    What's your favorite monkey or hero? Not upgrades, just the monkeys themselves.

  • Btd5_bomb
    Radical Tourism about 1 year ago

    Why did you guys make a visual change to the bottom of churchill and engineer sentries? Instead of the base of the tank turning every few seconds/sentry legs staying put they follow wherever the tower is shooting. Is there any reason behind this, because I liked how it was before.

  • 10-dartlingfullauto
    kai99z about 1 year ago

    Will ever be added to BTD6?

  • 13-sasmonkey
    rportwood826 about 1 year ago

    How is everyone at NinjaKiwi doing, with the virus and all?