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  • 10-dartlingfullauto
    Diaminecart about 1 year ago

    Have the Bloonchippers proved too dangerously overpowered for the Monkeys to handle or use, and as a result the production of them ceased and the Monkeys no longer employ their use at this point in time?

  • Btd5_dart
    Funnyman 2 about 1 year ago

    what is the ninjakiwi bird's favorite fruit

  • 4-trekmonkey
    SniperMonkey85504 about 1 year ago

    is bendora canon

  • Nk_monkey
    DartlingMonkey319475 about 1 year ago

    you guys are soooooooooo high

  • 20-btd_survival
    basspp about 1 year ago

    Does the ninja kiwi office have any plans to make a Btd battles 2, with Bloons tower defence 6 mechanics?

  • Btd5_tack
    Greenuxx about 1 year ago

    Are there any plans of Bloonchipper returning to BTD6 anytime soon?

  • Btd5_tack
    g0od_username1 about 1 year ago

    what is the recipe for a Perma-brew

  • Btd5_dart
    infmultizero about 1 year ago

    Is there a Superman 64 game equivalent in the monkey universe? If so, how does Supermonkey feel about the game? Do supermonkeys fly through rings?

  • Btd5_bomb
    Radical Tourism about 1 year ago

    Why doesnt supermonkey have eyebrows like the other monkeys?

  • Btd5_bomb
    EthanLac13 about 1 year ago

    Are there any monkeys out there who've switched sides and joined the Bloons? What about the reverse?

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