News 19 Jun 2020

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Hey everyone! It’s Sav and Tarn here this week

What's been going on this week?

If you missed it, we posted a survey of the most overpowered and underpowered towers in BTD6 over on the Reddit which you can find here.

We’ve had a huge amount of feedback already so thanks to everyone who has responded! Here are the results so far! 


ReverseN race results:
1st: tsp - 2 minutes and 53 seconds
2nd: ISAB - 2 minutes and 57 seconds
3rd: WholsFuan - 2 minutes and 58 seconds
4th: DartElite0051 - 3 minutes and 2.35 seconds
5th: Tobi - 3 minutes and 2.65 seconds

This weekend's focus:

- BTD6 - 
Pile O' Monkey Money and T3 Insta Monkeys on sale. 
"Three Stump" Race this weekend. 

- BATTD - 
Ongoing Martian games: Magic man, no powers and more regrow.
More ghosts, more camo, more zombies starting on Sunday. 
Flame Princess Adventure Pack, Jake Adventure Pack and Character Bundle Pack on sale. 

- Tower Keepers -
Hero battles rewards x2 and x2 Gem sale.
Ongoing Learned Scholar. 

- BTD Battles -
Friday: MOAB, MOAB R3 Speed - BFB, BFB Cards, BFB Boosts only
Saturday: MOAB, MOAB Card Club - BFB, BFB Club, BFB Card
Sunday: MOAB R3 Speed, MOAB Random 15 - BFB, BFB Boosts only, BFB Card
Monday: MOAB
4x Medallions with Chest and Bag of Medallions on sale. 

- SAS4 web -
LMS on Friday, Apoc on Saturday and VS with Black Items as rewards on Sunday. 
Sale on Epic pack and 7th premium gun set: Bayonet, RIA 75 and 888 CAW.

- SAS4 Mobile -
LMS on Friday, Apoc with Black Box as rewards on Saturday and VS on Sunday. 
Sales on nantos, NV vet pack, epic pack and 8th premium gun set: Torment, Proton Arc and Zerafallen

- BMC web and mobile - 
Daily monkey teams with Monkey Knowledge pack on Sunday.
Knowledge Pack sale (ancient on mobile too).

- BTD5 -
Totem event starting on Monday. 
Monkey Team, rotating every 3 hours, starting Friday. 
ZOMG counting for the leaderboards. Heli Skin on Sale. 

- BSM2 -
Double blops and boosters.

- Countersnipe -
Friday: 10x Free For All event and Stacks of Cash on sale. 
Saturday: Factionless event and Tokens on sale. 
Sunday: Target Practice event and Medium XP Booster on sale. 
Mega Consumables Pack on sale for the weekend. 

Questions from the comments: 

What happens when you lose lives vs when mana shield absorbs lives? Do mana shield absorbed lives count against NLL?
Good question! No Lives Lost means to me that absolutely no bloons are to leak at any point during the game. Something extra to think about: what would happen if Ezili used the totem and you ended the game without leaking any Bloons. Is that considered NLL? 

Did Churchill, Striker, and Brickell know each other before BTD6?? Also, why is a water based hero named after soap?

  • When we asked them they seemed eerily silent about that matter. 

  • Have you tried to use soap without water? Also, maybe the soap is named after the Admiral :) 


Adobe is ending support for flash Dec 31st, 2020 so what is the plan for all of the flash games on this site like bloons monkey city?. Are we going to be able to continue to play them here or is it all going to be shut down ?. Please explain what the plan is.
We’ve talked about this a few times, we are currently looking into what our options are but we don’t have anything to announce at this time.

On adoras temple, there is a bunch of text in the middle. What exactly is it supposed to mean and what is it supposed to be?

Is balancing btd6 harder than balancing btd5?
With the addition of T5 upgrades and a whole new upgrade path there is definitely more to think about.

We have land, water, and even amphibious heroes now. Next up, an air-based hero!
Once all elements have been mastered someone may need to step in and watch over the elements and the harmony of the world. 

About how much time of preperation is there to writing these blogs?
Depends how many questions we can get through :) We quite often get them ready on the Thursday then add anything on the Friday if needed. 

Why can alchemists not buff other alchemists?
Mithridatism. Even if they did it wouldn’t work. 

I still remember that you said that you might add Boss Bloons to BTD6, but I want to know whether they will have voices too just like the heroes? And will there be tracks based on them if it happens?
At this stage, we still are unsure if boss bloons will be added so we have no other details on them! 

Do the monkeys ever feel like they should get a fixed income instead of a one-time payment when placed?
Their main focus is stopping the Bloons and when they will get their next banana.

Have you guys seen the Insta monkey market going around recently? If so, would this be a thing you guys would like to make? If not check this out: Original  and a revised version. Personally I really like the idea
We did and I personally loved the idea. 

In BTD Battles, what do the monkeys feel when they're crippled?
Don’t worry. The process of crippling a monkey is completely harmless and has 0 long term effects on the subject monkey. 

Why is it CHIMPS mode if chimps aren't monkeys?
But what would MONKEYS stand for?

Where do all the Bloons come from? How are they made? The Bloons can't make more since they have no arms.
We aren’t sure, Dr. Monkey has lots of theories but nothing has been confirmed.

Why is Quincy so annoying?
Not so annoying when he does his Storm of Arrows move on round 76 is he now?

How come heroes don't have categories like towers (Primary, Military, Magic, Support)?
Hero is its own category. 

So of the heroes, which one is most likely to play card games in their spare time?
Pat loves to kick back and chill at the end of the day. He’s always keen for some cards although being completely honest I don’t know if he understands how cards work. 

Does Dr. Monkey have the same powers as a Super Monkey?
Dr. Monkey decided it’d be more prudent to take the route of academia rather than honing his Bloon popping powers. Think of him as the Mr. Miyagi of the bloons world...

Thanks for tuning in this week. Be sure to comment or leave a question in the comments below. 

Sav and Tarn.