News 27 Feb 2020

Art by u/Projekt_Knyte. Original post here.

Hey everyone! It’s Sav and Tarn here this week

What's been going on this week?

16.0 is out now on Android, iOS and Steam! With the map that won our Reddit competition, a new Adora skin and path restrictions in the challenge editor. See the full patch notes here.

BMC also received update 1.2 which brings iPhone x support, 64 bit support and a new event! This update is live on iOS and Android. 

Play it by Ear results:
1st: 50MMRaceWeNeed - 1 minute and 46 seconds
2nd: 50mmracepls - 1 minute and 47 seconds
3rd: 50MMRacePls - 1 minute and 55 seconds
4th: Gumball - 1 minute and 59.34 seconds
5th: CheaperRaces - 1 minute and 59.117 seconds

This weekend's focus:

- BTD6 -
Ongoing collection event, ending Wednesday. 
Pile O' Monkey Money and T3 Insta Monkey sale.
Spintacular Race this weekend.

- BATTD - 
Martian games: Ongoing magic man, no weapons and more shields. 
Shuffle, no powers and half cash starting Saturday.
Ice King Adventure Pack sale, Finn Hero Pack sale and Character Bundle Pack.

- Tower Keepers -
Hero battles rewards x2 and x2 Gold sale.
Ongoing Dragons Hoard. 

- BTD Battles -
Friday: MOAB, MOAB club - BFB, BFB Boosts only, BFB Card
Saturday: MOAB, MOAB Card Club - BFB, BFB Club, BFB Card
Sunday: MOAB Random 15, MOAB Club - BFB, BFB Boosts Only, BFB Card
Monday: MOAB
2x Medallions with Club Access on sale. 

- SAS4 web -
Ongoing M1000 Championship 
Sale on Epic pack and 7th premium gun set: Bayonet, RIA 75 and 888 CAW

- SAS4 Mobile -
LMS on Friday, Apoc with Black Box as rewards Saturday,vs on Sunday. 
Sales on nantos, NV vet pack, epic pack and 8th premium gun set: Torment, Proton Arc and Zerafallen

- BMC web and mobile - 
Collection event ending Sunday.
Daily monkey teams with knowledge pack on Sunday.
Knowledge Pack sale(ancient on mobile too).

- BTD5 -
Ongoing Totem event.
MOAB counting for the leaderboards. Ace skin on Sale. 

- BSM2 -
Discounted price sale.

Questions from the comments: 

When isn't SAS5 coming out?

But Pat isn't just big, he's gigantic! In Monkey City, we see the true size of all the MOAB class bloons. In order to hug them all, Pat has to be at least the size of a house! You sure he's not some kind of, well, mutant?
We are pretty sure but then again, who knows what Dr. Monkey has been up to?

does pat's gigantism also apply to the fluffiness of his hugs?
Absolutely. It’s like being hugged by a huge teddy bear.

Just saying, but do any of the heroes have any romantic feelings?
Quincy might have some.

What if Biker Jones meets Fusty the Snowman? The two are very different monkeys with very different personalities.
Fusty would probably try and give him a hug! Would that go well? Probably not.

Is there any beta art/early concept designs of the heroes from btd6?
Here is a peak at Pat's early design: 

2 questions: 1. How is upgrading a plane from a Spectre to a Flying Fortress a "clothing change"? 2. If the hero skins are canon then how can we switch back from Robo-Quincy back to regular Quincy?
1. It is just putting on more accessories.
2. Time travel.

I don't have any interesting questions so here's a dumb question, which heroes like to roller skate?
Gwen is pretty good at it!

Is the monkey on the aircraft carrier just tiny, or is it just a matter of perspective?
Just perspective! 

How does a 0-0-2 boomerang monkey not burn itself?
By being very careful

When the Vengeful Temple is created, what happens to the Antibloon and LoTN? Is it similar to sacrificing other towers or is it something more "special"?
Something more special. No one fully understands it except maybe Adora but she won’t disclose it.

What will be the plan B if there's no new fan art made between blogs? And also when is BTD2 being remastered for the PS5?
We have lots of tower icons we can use but with our creative community, it hasn’t happened yet! At the moment, we aren’t planning anything for BSM2. 

I actually question why the Engineer doesn't have a special idle animation compared to the other monkeys. For example, the Dart Monkey occasionally scratches itself and the Druid waves at the player. Engineer however just stands there like they have nothing else to do. Are Engineers just that prepared or do they not have anything better to do than stand and blink?
The Engineer is just always ready and has planned for everything.

How tall is the sun temple in feet?
At least 2.


Have a great weekend everyone!

-Tarn and Sav