News 21 Jan 2020

Fan art by: u/Sman67


Hey Ninjas, Tarn here this week!  

What's been going on this/last week?

We’ve all settled back into the swing of things and are heads down working on some cool new stuff! We’re also running a map concept design where the community gets to choose between 5 community map concepts. The concept with the most votes at the end of this week will get put into the Bloons TD 6 development pipeline where the artists and programmers bloonify it before releasing it into Bloons TD 6. 

If you’d like to see the maps and place a vote you can do so here.

Competition winners:

Here are the winners from the New Year, New Me blog competition last week. 

User: Z1-900

Entry:    New Year: SAS5 comes out. 
New Me: Playing SAS5

User: Lovepreet


User: Bloonsmonk214

Me:     "New year, new me"
            Also me: *continues to use the exact same strategy in every CHIMPS game*


The winners will need to get in touch and send through their user ids so we can send through your rewards. 

Discord: Tarn#4103

Questions from the comments: 

Two pronged question: Are there any plans to add crafting, augment rewards, Ice Station and Meltdown to SAS4 Steam? If not, is there anything at all that's even remotely happening with SAS5?
There are no current plans to add any additional maps or crafting to SAS 4 Steam. 
Regarding SAS 5, in a previous blog it was mentioned that it’s currently in the design process. No further information at this point. 

How does Deflation work? Why do you start with so much money, and why don't you gain any from popping the bloons anymore?
It may seem like you start with a large amount of cash, however, it’s actually quite a bit less than if you were to play rounds 31-60 in a Standard Medium game. That’s the challenge of it :) 

Will BTD6 ever get another Space Map? (Apart from Moon Landing specifically something similar to Space Truckin)
If we planet correctly and give the artists some space I’m sure they’d come up with something out of this world. 

Is there a chance that the maps that DON'T win the voting thing get into the game?
There were so many amazing entries and concepts in there that I’d be very surprised if any additional ones don’t make it into Bloons TD 6.

I have a few questions. 1. i know i heard this from other people, but will you make a bloons td 7? 2. when will you update all the other previous bloons games you made online and mobile?
We’re still extremely committed to the development of Bloons TD 6 and have so many ideas and features that we want to include that there hasn’t been any talk about BTD7. 

How do Boomerangs and Ninjas could throw again when boomerang/shuriken was broken/lost?
A well made boomerang will return to its sender after being thrown. That is the nature of a boomerang. The Ninjas on the other hand, are well supplied with shurikens. They never run out of shurikens, because.. they are Ninjas. 

Do any of the monkeys have real names besides the heroes?
What is “real”? In a world where a war between Bloons and monkeys is ever present, such names as ‘Dart Monkey’ and ‘Tack Shooter’ are considered as real names.  

Remember It was a teaser site for BTD5 back before it released, but was taken down afterwards. There were wallpapers on that site that don't exist anymore. Do you know if they're still archived somewhere in the endless NK vault?
Yep! We’ve still got them available. If you’re interested we can get some sent out to you. 

Dart monkey for smash
Yes, please!

Why are white bloons faster than black bloons?
The explosive resistant properties of the black bloons are heavier than those contained within the white bloons resulting in a tougher defense at the cost of slightly reduced speed. 


Thanks for tuning in this week! 
As usual, feel free to leave a question or comment in the comment section below.