News 30 Aug 2019

By u/pockcheese -  Original post here.

What's been going on this week?

Last week, 6.4 for BTD Battles went out on iOS and Steam. However, there were some delays on getting this update to Android and our team is still working on this! Thank you for your patience and we will try and get it out as soon as we can. 

Squad Goals Race results:
1st: Kinsboy- 2 minutes and 26 seconds
2nd: FenixKillah - 2 minutes and 27 seconds
3rd: Crimey  - 2 minutes and 30 seconds
4th:ReworkRewards - 2 minutes and 33 seconds
5th: Tobibloon- 2 minutes and 39 seconds

This weekend's focus:

- BTD6 -
"Whoosh" Race!
Pile O' Monkey Money sale, T3 Insta Monkey Sale.

- BATTD - 
Martian games: Wizard Attack, Half Cash, No Powers. No Items, More Regrow, Lvl10 towers starting Sunday. 
Finn adventure pack, Character Bundle Pack and Max Adventure pack sales.

- Tower Keepers -
Hero battles rewards x2, Gem Sale.
On-going Golden Horde and Gem Master event.

- BTD Battles -
Friday: MOAB, BFB Cards & BFB Boosts only.
Saturday: MOAB Club, MOAB Cards, BFB & BFB Cards.
Sunday: MOAB, MOAB Club, BFB, BFB Card Club & BFB Boosts only.
2x Medallions with Club Access on sale. 

- SAS4 web -
LMS on Friday, Apoc on Saturday with Boss bounty for alloy, VS on Sundays with black item as reward on bounties. 
Sale on Epic pack and 1st premium gun set: Planet Stormer, WPX Incinerator and HIKS A10.

- SAS4 Mobile -
VS on Friday, Apoc on Saturday, LMS on Sunday with Black box as reward.
Sales on nantos, NV vet pack, epic pack and 10th premium gun set: T189, CM Starfury and Banshee.

- BMC web and mobile -
Daily monkey teams with knowledge pack on Sunday.
Wild Knowledge Pack on sale (Ancient on mobile too).

- BTD5 -
Preferred Monkeys & Bloonvasion.
BFB pops counting for the leaderboards. Monkey Sub and Monkey Money on sale.

- BSM2 -
Double blops and boosters.

Questions from the comments: 

what if the bloons found out about dr monkeys experiments and then they ruined his work? what will we do?
Don’t worry, Ben has backed up all of Dr. Monkeys work on a lot of different drives! If it did happen though…. Vengeance! 

Could challenges possibly get objectives other than simply beating X round? (such as placing a Glue Storm, or preventing all MOABS from having children)
This is a super awesome idea! However, it would require a lot of work for our devs so maybe it is something we could look at later down the line! 

Is there anything new or updated information regarding SAS:5? It's VERY hard for me to come to terms with the fact that flash games as we once knew is almost coming to an end, and I understand that even if SAS5 were to come out itd likely be on a different platform (SAS4 had a mobile version and it still sucks that it won't be getting any big updates anymore). Is SAS:5 a real thing being planned? If it is at what stage is it at and what would be a reasonable release date, if at all, can we expect? I've seen this being asked by a few just as curious individuals but I've never seen a straight answer.
At the moment, there has been no further progress on SAS5. It still remains in a ‘Still brainstorming it’ stage. We can’t even really provide a ballpark date due to this. :( 

If you put Brick Wall in BTD6 I will give you $1.
Does this count?

What made you guys decide to start doing blogs and what did everyone think of them at first?
We wanted to be able to give our community the chance to chat with us and ask us questions directly, plus provide players with updates on the last week! We assume everyone liked them since they are still going! 

Do the monkeys play BTD and is it considered a war simulator in their universe?
It’s a bit like playing The Sims for them.

With Ben and Gwen in BTD6, how many Ben 10 jokes have you received?
None and I’m so disappointed! Make us some good ones! 

How do the druids’ undead Bloons pop other Bloons if they are both Bloons and the undead Bloons don't have any other weapons and are just Bloons?
Just body slamming. Undead Bloons listen to Pantera.

how long did it take for the Grandmaster Ninja to learn his skills?
Many, many, many years in human or monkey perception. To the Grandmaster, time has no meaning. All is now.

Any plans to add more profile avatars?
Not currently! 

Can we get a Bagel pic from Immy?


Have a great weekend everyone!