News 09 Aug 2019

Art by u/chestnutskd - Original post here

Hey Ninjas, Tarn and Sav here this week!  

What's been going on this week?

This week saw a whole new heart-pumping adventure come to BATTD! You can see all the patch notes for BATTD here

BTD6 11.2 also arrived on Amazon devices this week. 

Prepare for trouble! Make it double! Race results:
1st: StopGwenRace - 2 minutes and 11 seconds
2nd: bearlie - 2 minutes and 13.5 seconds
3rd: FenixGwen=Cool - 2 minutes and 13.63 seconds
4th: Ninja B - 2 minutes and 13.68 seconds
5th: StopGwenRaces - 2 minutes and 20 seconds

This weekend's focus:

- BTD6 -
Pile O' Monkey Money sale, T3 Insta Monkey Sale.
"Broom Broom" Race this weekend.

- BATTD - 
Martian games: On-going Allies Only, No Powers and Wizard Attacks.
Shuffle, more camo and No Allies starting Saturday. 
Fire Princess Pack, Jake Adventure Pack and Character Bundle Pack on sale. 

- Tower Keepers -
Hero battles rewards x2, Gold Sale.
On-going Zalus and Learned Scholar event.

- BTD Battles -
Friday: MOAB - BFB Boosts only, BFB cards, BFB
Saturday: MOAB Card Club, MOAB Card and MOAB - BFB
Sunday: MOAB Cards, MOAB Club and MOAB - BFB R15, BFB Boosts only
Monday: MOAB and MOAB Boosts only
2x Medallions with Club Access on sale.
- SAS4 web -
LMS on Friday, Apoc on Saturday with alloy on Boss Bounty and VS on Sundays with Black items as rewards. 
Sale on Epic pack and 8th premium gun set: Torment, Proton Arc and Zerafallen.

- SAS4 Mobile -
VS on Friday, LMS on Saturday, Apoc with Black items as reward on Sunday. 
Sales on nantos, NV vet pack, epic pack and 8th premium gun set: Torment, Proton Arc and Zerafallen.

- BMC web and mobile -
Daily monkey teams with knowledge pack on Saturday.
Knowledge Pack sale(ancient on mobile too).

- BTD5 -
Preferred Monkeys rotating every 3 hours starting Saturday 
Zebra pops counting for the leaderboards. Bomb skin on sale.

- BSM2 -
Discounted price sales.
Double blops and boosters.

Questions from the comments: 

My day was great! :D Also, if the Bloons wanted to win ,why don't they send a bunch of B.A.D.s on round 1? And if the monkeys wanted to win, why don't they set up a bunch of temples on round 1?
It costs a lot of money to do that!

I mean like select all towers on-screen with the select all button
We don’t have any plans to add that feature but the idea has been passed on!

Crossover with Plants vs. Zombies? Hehe
Sounds like Druid vs. Zombie Bloons to me!

what's your thought on Gwen included race and have you really played the race before people let play?
We may have heard Gwen needs a break from racing. We do! We test every race and challenge. :) 

Can NK ever give a straight answer to a question about new features that isn’t just “idk maybe but maybe not”?
We try to answer your questions as honestly as we can but we would hate to promise something that we couldn’t fulfill on! 

what is the best place to tell you guys about bugs/glitches? also, what is the difference between a bloon and a balloon? also also, are there any bloons that you considered for btd6, but never made it in the final game? if so, what were they?
Get in touch with us in support for bugs, which you can find here. :) A bloon is an evil killing machine while a balloon is rubber filled with air. Maybe! We would hate to give them away if they did ever get added to the game at a later point. 

1. If Gwendolin was captured by the bloons, what's Quincy plan to save her? 2. What is Ben's favorite operating system?

Are the wizards cool with the druids now possessing the storm upgrades
Yeah! Who else would have taught it to them?

How were Regrow Bloons created? Is Dr. Monkey working with the Bloons?
Blasphemy! They were created with the weird science of bloons. 

*Insert a question*
*Insert an answer*

Do bloons have any feelings or even thoughts? What if they can talk or communicate? Can you ask Dr. Monkey to look into this?
We are pretty sure they talk to each other in squeaks but we have seen no sign of feelings. Dr. Monkey is a very busy scientist but I’ll let him know! 

Eggcellent work! When can we expect them to hatch?
Give it a few weeks!

what will happen to the flash games when flash gets discontinued?
We answered something a little while ago about this but if you missed it:
We're looking at how we can continue to have a great browser game portal at and what we can do both going forward with new games but also what we do with our big archive of great flash games. No news at the moment, however.

What real-life planes are the tier 5 aces based on?
Super cool ones

why was the anti monkey symbol on the BFB removed?
We aren’t sure, we’d have to get bloon insider knowledge for that. 

Why does Gwendolyn's voice change when she becomes a scientist?
Long hours in the lab and late nights would change anyone!

Have an amazing weekend everyone!

Tarn and Sav