News 26 Apr 2019

Hey everyone! It’s Sav here for this weeks round up! :)

What's been going on this week?

It has been a quiet week in the office with everyone working hard on upcoming updates and features.

Last friday, we released an update for BTD5 which included a new map, Walk in the Park, and also added codes for co-op matches to make playing with your friends easier!

We also released a small update for BTD6 on Steam only in 10.2 that fixed an issue with Insta Monkeys.

BTD Battles on Steam also received a new update with 6.2.4 for an issue with Ice Monkey causing the game to crash in card battles.

This weekend's focus:

- BTD6 -
Haunted Speed race, Pile O' Monkey Money and T3 insta Monkey sale.

Super Rare Orb, Finn Hero Pack, Ice King Adventure Pack and Character Bundle Pack on sale.

- Tower Keepers -
Hero battles rewards x2, double gems sale.
On-going Fighter's Adventure campaign and Learned Scholar passive event.

- BTD Battles -
Friday: MOAB - MOAB club, BFB no4th, BFB cards.
Saturday: MOAB, MOAB cards club, BFB no4th, BFB cards.
Sunday: MOAB no4th, BFB, BFB OS.
Medallions Bag and Chest on sale.

- SAS4 web -
LMS with full boosts as rewards on Friday, VS on Saturday with black item as reward on bounties, Apoc on Sunday with boss bounty for alloy.
Sales on epic pack and 4th premium gun set: Vitriol, Ronson 5x5 and CM 0Kelvin

- SAS4 Mobile -
LMS on Friday, Apoc on Saturday with Black Box as reward, VS on Sunday.
Sales on nantos, NV vet pack, epic pack and 9th premium gun set: Contagion, Ahab and Calamity

- BMC web and mobile -
Daily monkey teams with knowledge packs as rewards on Sunday. Wild Knowledge Packs sale with Ancient on Mobile.

- BTD5 -
Preferred monkey, white bloons counting for leaderboards, Monkey Money and Boomer skins on Sale.

- BSM2 -
Double blops and boosters.

Questions from the comments:

Because Flash will no longer be supported some time in the next couple of years, what is planned for the website in the meantime? What about the Flash games?
We answered something a little while ago about this but if you missed it:
We're looking at how we can continue to have a great browser game portal at and what we can do both going forward with new games but also what we do with our big archive of great flash games. No news at the moment, however.

do you prefer jedi or sith?

How do Bloons kill you? Also, why are they called 'Bloons' instead of 'Balloons'? Is there a difference?
Have you ever gotten caught up in a bouncy house? Bit like that. Of course there’s a difference! “Balloons” are harmless items you have at birthday parties but “Bloons” are evil, killing machines.

Are there any plans to bring Bloons TD 6 to consoles? People may complain about flash BTD6 not being a thing, but I just wanna be able to get some delicious BTD6 action on my PS4.
We aren’t planning to at this stage.

Is it a coincidence that both of Quincy's outfit colors match up with Gwen's outfit color? Or is this part of a larger story?
Maybe he just thought she looked really cool and wanted to match.

If you had to rename a tower in BTD6, what tower would it be and what would you rename it to?
Boomerang. I’d name it the Rohan tower because they are clearly both Aussies.

That reminds me: why can't the ocean guardian swim, or even put a foot in a puddle?
Well you sea…. That’s because…


Have a great weekend everyone!