News 21 Dec 2018

Hey everyone! It's Tarn again, here to give you this weeks update and answer your questions :)

What's been going on this week?

Christmas is just around the corner! With that in mind our awesome Community Manager Sam wanted to say a few words this week.

Hey Ninjas,

The Holidays are fast-approaching, which means the end of the year is, too - and what a big year it's been for us. We've launched two massive new games in 2018 with Bloons TD 6 and Bloons Adventure Time TD, had multiple content updates to both, as well as updates for the likes of BTD 5, Battles and Tower Keepers across multiple platforms. Whilst a lot of blood, sweat and tears have gone into all of this, we're extremely grateful that you - our amazing players - enjoy our games enough to give us the opportunity to continue to support them. For that, we want to say a massive THANK YOU!

With that being said, it's time for the hard working Monkeys at NK Auckland & Dundee to get a well deserved break as both offices close for two weeks, which means we might not be as active on here as we usually are over that time period. Fear not, though! Our hardy support team will still be working, so if you have any issues or questions etc., direct them to us via and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can.

So, it's time for us to wish you all a very happy holiday season and a Happy New Year when it comes.

We'll see you all in 2019!

Happy gaming, Ninjas :)


Thanks Sam!
Battles also received an update. 6.1 This update adds a new map (Frozen River) along with a Robo Farmer and an Old School room in Assault (no powers), as well as some awesome bug fixes.
Bloons TD 6 Steam has finally arrived! You can pick up your very own copy here.

Bloons TD 6 also has now completed its "First" race competition.

A massive congratulations to the top 5 winners:

1st: Jajajosh with an amazing time of 1 min 30 seconds!

2nd: ISAB on 1 min 34 seconds.

3rd: FriarTruck with 1:36

4th: NOMADIA with 1:37

5th: ddkkoomm with 1:37

For those of you that will be competing in future races, it’s important to know that race rewards will be given about a day later, when the next race starts. So if you don’t see your race rewards straight away. Don’t panic :) It’s still coming.

This weekend's focus:

- BTD6 -
Pile O' Monkey Money sale, T3 Insta Monkey Sale and Powers Pandaemonium!
We've got races and more races! Races will be lasting 2 - 3 days each with a 1 day break in-between.
Primary Qualifiers this weekend.

- Tower Keepers -
Hero sale, Valkyrie.
Hero battles rewards x2 with x3 on Christmas day, double gold.
Ongoing Dragons Hoard event and Yuletide Spirits campaign.
Ongoing Zalus.

- BTD Battles -
BFB and BFB cards on Friday, MOAB club and MOAB cards on Saturday, BFB Club and BFB cards club on Sunday.
Medallions, Chest and Bomb skin on sale.

- SAS4 web -
Trident event starting Saturday
Sale on 3rd premium gun set: Handkanone, CM 505 and HIKS S4000
Epic Pack sale lasting till 2019 :)

- SAS4 Mobile -
VS on Friday, Apoc on Saturday, LMS on Sunday with Black Box as reward.
Sales on nantos, NV vet pack, epic pack and 10th premium gun set: T189, CM Starfury and Banshee

- BMC web and mobile -
Daily monkey teams with knowledge pack on Sunday.
Knowledge Pack sale(ancient on mobile too).

- BTD5 -
Ongoing totem event lasting till next Friday.
Bloonvasion all weekend and Red pops counting for the leaderboards.
ALL skins are on sale during the holdiday period. Ending 1st Jan 2019.

- BSM2 -
Double blops and boosters.

Questions from the comments:

How can Ezili use voodoo on bloons if bloon dolls would pop when putting pins in them, and they don't have limbs or anything to control?
Ezili harnesses dark voodoo power. Doesn’t require the use of a typical Voodoo Doll.

Will the UI of the steam version of BTD6 ever be updated to fit the larger screen size of a computer, instead of just being the same as on mobile?
What size are we talking?

Do the monkeys ever mistake eggs for white bloons?
Eggs don’t move in hoards and try to reduce your life! They’re actually a good source of protein. Bloons are not!

I've reported a hacker, with screenshot evidence, on SAS 4 mobile, but I've yet to receive a response. Are you guys investigating? For the record, the complaint and screenshots are in the hacker report on the SAS 4 mobile forum (it links to a discussion on the Steam forum).
Feel free to send any hacker reports through a support ticket via

Hate to double dip on questions here, but what exactly about BTD6 steam, which can use the same account data as mobile and is therefore likely a port, cost twice as much? What makes it worth that much more?
Epic late game smoothness and hotkeys, even special sandbox hotkeys to send specific bloon types.

How do Robo Monkey, Tech Terror, and Anti Bloon generate so much power without overheating? Is it some specially made cooling system by the Engineer? (Robo Monkey refers to 2-3-0)
They also harness the power of pure, pure hatred and have top of the line Engineer equipment.

In btd6 animations are automatically disabled for lower end devices. Can you change so there is an option to toggle on or off?
We may consider doing this one day!

I didn’t ignore this one at least?

Can the Sun Avatar destroy the Sun?
Why would it do that? It takes its energy from the sun so it wants to protect it much more than destroy it!

this isnt a question but is it a question
It’s questionable.

How much does it cost to buy/produce the Boomerang Monkey's yellow jumpsuits? Are they made by hand or in factories?
There’s a whole group of monkeys that focus on the clothes for our monkeys, all hand-made. They also help the heroes pick their outfits.

How come monkey aces never have to stop flying to refuel? And where do they get their near-endless supply of ammunition from?
Gravity is a little strange in the Bloons universe. Because of this strange behaviour, things don’t always act as they should.

Heres a good question wheres the butter?
On the toast, under the peanut butter and jelly!

What's ur new main in smash ultimate

That’s all this week folks!
This year has been amazing! We’ve truly appreciated every moment we have shared with each of you. Stay awesomer - From the entire Ninja Kiwi Team :)