News 09 Feb 2018

Hello everyone and welcome to the blog post for February 9th, 2018! 2 (feb) x 9 = 18 =  BTD6 release year!!!1 coincidence!?


Bloons TD Battles - 4.9

Battles version 4.9 has just been released (currently available on Google Play and Steam, other platforms to follow). This update brings out TWO brand new maps available in all game modes! Go with the flow on Riverside, or head to the hills on Mountain Pass. Club Members can follow Elon Musk's Roadster to space on an additional exclusive map, Space Station!

Along with this we've made a number of balance changes with price changes, game rule tweaks and tower mechanic adjustments, added a new Best of 3 mode for tournaments and cycled some maps back into playlists to see how they go.


What's Going On This Week?

Tower Keepers: 2x Rewards in Hero Battles, 2x Gems Sale, Archmage and Kensai skins on sale. Ongoing Demonic Island Campaign and Boss Event.

BTD Battles: BFB Random Trio on Friday, MOAB Club and MOAB Cards on Saturday, BFB with no bonus tower and BFB Club on Sunday. Dart skin and Club Access on sale.

SAS4 Web: Ongoing M1000 Championship. Epic Pack and Ricochet, CM 352 and CM 467 on sale!

SAS4 Mobile: Last Man Standing on Friday, Virus Samples on Saturday, Apocalypse on Sunday with Black Strongbox as reward. Nantoniums, Epic Packs and Contagion, Ahab and Calamity on sale!

BMC: Daily Monkey Teams with Knowledge Packs as reward on Sunday. Knowledge Packs on sale!

Bloons TD 5: Bloonvasion and Totem Events, Pink bloon pops counting for the leader boards. Apprentice skin and Monkey Money on sale!


Questions from the Comments:

How does that sound?
It can certainly be considered!
When will we have our automated BTD5 DC picking system?
Still to be decided.
What's for dinner?
Food, I should guess.
If nothing is more powerful than God, and a spoon is more powerful than nothing, then would a spoon be more powerful than God?
No I don't think so. But could God heat up porridge so hot that even God couldn't eat it?
Can we have a CS where there's no events and only points from NM bosses count?
We can and I've sent the idea through to be mulled over
Will Bloons ever get a new tower?
What's your favourite two-day rotational campaign in Tower Keepers?
Dunno, I ate all my food.
The Game.
It's only fair.
Will BTD6 be more similar to BTD5 or BMC in art style?
Our more recent art is a closer.
Is Aaron still on vacation?
I was then but not now.
When is the next Dragon's Hoard passive event in Tower Keepers?
About a week away.
Has Aaron died?
If so the after-life is freakishly similar to regular-life.
Any news on a SAS4 mobile/Steam update?
None yet, sorry! :(
What are the chances of SAS5 after BTD6?
Much higher than SAS5 before BTD6.
Are the experience points earned from Wizard's Chosen wrong?
Yes, it's currently giving more XP than it should.
Am I the only one who has to login twice every time now due to the DDOS check?
It's a bit finicky but should be setting your login cookie as long as the logged_in page loads. We're still making changes to this system so we'll try get it going nicely for you :)


Thanks for stopping by everyone! Leave us a comment below even if you don't have a question, have fun and see you later!