News 26 May 2017

Hey everyone, welcome to the blog post for May 26th, 2017. We haven't had much new stuff for the last few weeks, but we've got some great events planned for this weekend and the developers are hard at work on new content and games to get them out as fast as monkeyly possible.


What's Going On This Week?

Monday 29th is Memorial Day in the US, all weekend sales will be extended through Monday.

Tower Keepers: Hero Battles x2 rewards for Friday and Saturday. x3 Rewards for Sunday and Monday. Double Gold and Double Gem sale. Gem Master event and the new Treasure of the Witch campaign. Warmaster Skin on sale.

BTD Battles: x2 ad rewards and sales on Club Access, Bag and Chest of Medallions. x2 Medallions will run from Friday through to Tuesday. Flavors on Saturday's MOAB Arena with Random Trios, Random Cards on BFB Cards Club for Sunday. Boss rooms opening Monday for 2 days, every 1 hour. Skins for sale on Monday.

SAS4 Web: 4 day long Championship with Furie as reward. Sales on Epic Pack and Torment, Proton Arc and Zerfallen.

SAS4 Mobile: Virus Samples on Friday, Last Man Standing on Saturday with Black Box as reward. VS on Sunday and Apocalypse on Monday with 2 Black Boxes as reward. Sales on Nantoniums, Epic Packs and Torment, Proton Arc and Zerfallen.

BMC Web and Mobile: Festival of Bloonstones through the weekend. Daily Monkey Teams. Monkey Knowledge Madness on Monday which is the maddest day. All Knowledge Packs on sale for web. Ancient and Wild Cards on mobile. Spies event starting on Friday for mobile.

BTD5: Ongoing Totem Event to finish on Monday. Red and Green bloon pops for the leader boards. Monkey Money sale of the extended weekend, overlapping with Double Monkey Money on Monday.

BSM2: All store items on sale and the app will be available for Free on Android (May 26th - June 2nd).


NK Blog Competition - Fan of the Week Edition

This week's competition is an open entry contest. Create something that you think shows you're the Ninja Kiwi Fan of the Week. Once you've thought up and created your entry, send an email to with all the details you need to get your idea across. I'll go through and pick a winner(s?) for next week's blog post.

This prize is: 150 NK Coins, a Ninja Kiwi t-shirt and a mystery prize for a game of your choice

Please pick from the following:
BTD5, BMC, SAS4 web
Battles, BMC, SAS4, Tower Keepers mobile

Include your mobile User ID if you're wanting a prize for mobile.

Please include the following along with your entry:
NK user name and mobile user ID
Postal address
T-shirt size



One entry per person
Terms apply
Entries must be in before midday (12pm), Friday 2nd of June (New Zealand time)


Questions from the Comments:

Why wasn't there a blog post last week?
I was out of town :)
What will happen to Daily Challenges for BTD5?
While we haven't decided on anything, the current idea is to rotate randomly through old challenges, so we'd pick an old challenge to be that day's Daily Challenge. There are quite a few now so some good variety and then we can keep the achievements working. I don't think we'll do random/generated challenges for BTD5 web.
Is Ninja Kiwi moving on from PC to Mobile games?
Our focus has definitely moved to mobile, but we would like to develop future games cross platform so that the same content is available no matter where you play. This introduces some challenges that we'll need to overcome so no guarantees on anything like that.
Is it possible to convert SAS4 web to WebGL?
Looks like it's possible to port/export Flash to WebGL. It may not be so easy with SAS4 as it was developed before that functionality and without that in mind. It's not something we will be doing.
Will you add Monkey Knowledge Packs to the Wheel of Fate?
No plans to at this stage so probably not.


Thank you for stopping by! Good luck with your entries and have a fantastic weekend.